Over thinking Hurts

Overthinking Hurts
By Nazema Parray
While going through my robotic routine my mind usually remain occupied with some things that are unimportant. The things that drains my mental health and makes me prisoner of my own unending thoughts.These endless thoughts that comes out of nowhere drags me to unknown places that seems horrible.

As a human we have become habitual of accepting commands and always thrive to finish them on time as if our minds are replaced with machines. Then comes the process of thinking that we  have kept on the loop in our mind. These thoughts and this phase of thinking is called Overthinking. Correct me if I am wrong if I would say this phase a Satanic phase because in this process we are at our lowest vis s vis our emann become weak.It is a process when our desires lead us to astray.
In this overthinking phase we want to understand the things according to our understanding.We want certain events to happen according to our wishes that has already happened or about to happen in future time. We don’t want to consider about the others way of thinking and their mental capabilities. We confuse our mind in tiresome issues that has taught us lessons and has made us better and stronger in present. We need to end this cycle by accepting the fact that past has gone future holds bundle of surprises and we need to concentrate on present moment.
Overthinking leads one to self doubts .If We really want to do something just act.  We as a Muslim should surrender ourselves and our future to Almighty as He Is The best planner in whole universe. We should break this satanic cycle by keeps our mind busy in zikr of Allah. Most of over thinkers are physically doing their work but they are mentally exhausting thier mind with the things that are not in our control.
Overthinking will lead you to nowhere.We cannot change others but yes we can change ourselves.Be The Change and stop overthinking about past and future.we should focus on what we have in plate at present and we should know the art of enjoying this platter as Everyone is not as fortunate as you .Be thankful Be Mindful Trust His Plans and Surrender Yourself To Him.