Reintrepreting Indian Politics !!!

Re-interpreting Indian politics!!!

Owais Ahmad Shah

Politics offers a better,possible space for  putting in place positive initiatives to cut through the abject miseries that people are suffering from a long time.It gives fair chance to a common man to speak up and fight against all atrocities that have crept into the system.It would be not fair to take politics from a very narrow minded perspective,but it should be taken from a long and a hard outlook.The subject of politics comprises of two different aspects.One is termed as good politics and the other is termed as bad politics.In good politics,leaders treat their followers with fatherly affections and followers also pin their faith in the leaders for best possible reforms.In bad politics,leaders treat their followers with clinical and anarchic feelings and leave no stone unturned to cut swathe through the relationship,followers also keep on following them with a blind faith.
As we know that parliamentary elections are on the horizon,its high Time to reinterpret and re-imagine politics for grand initiatives that will allow a fair space for every tom dick and harry to have a fair shake of hand in the electoral politics.In our past,we had misunderstood’ electoral Politics but I think spate of crisis faced by the country has knocked a sense of pure optimism in our minds for making the best use of vote.
Every citizen of any country nurtures the dream of seeing his country on top of the world,Peace and harmony are top objectives which can pave the way for success to any country provided that every work is done in the dignified and reasonable way.But the aforementioned argument almost is inapplicable on Indian politics. Here politics has become a closed shop.A shop that is only opened when resentment makes a huge rod in the back of politicians. Every politician is like playing God and nobody can ever dare to challenge him or her.Because speaking against anyone is like committing a horrible crime.Politicians abuse,” Marzi ke maalik”.But who is responsible for all such menace and disequilibrium.I believe and others may also agree.Its we who are axing their own feet.We vote so we have a power.Why should anyone dictate us and why should it be their business. When we vote so its we who send people to represent us to give utterance to our feelings. But we have come closer to a very terrible change and that is called”Lurism”.We are lured by politicians either on money or on false promises and as a consequence of it we cry every day of govt.The time has come to wake up to the fact that despite all such gimmickry we start pinning our faith in sound policies rather than on those politicians who are nepotistic and cruel.There are exceptions that in very small numbers true leaders are also on the run but they aren’t visible because they are always under the shoes of top level rulers.In India we hear about conflicts,rape,Dalit atrocities and shameful acts of political vendetta.These cases always invigorate us,we curse ruling parties,shame them.They horrendous incidents like rape and murder of a minority girl at Kathua brought together the whole country.People spilled out all their anger and frustration.This seriously begs a question.Are we susceptible to “Tokenism” because politicans played the card of minority as a symbolic gesture to earn brownie points.We need to wake up and smell real politics.Its not one incident that shakes their conscience but every need of common person should be addressed.If we ponder seriously over this question then our vote has destroyed our destiny.Politicians have completely failed to ratchet up awareness programmes on grave issues.Desperate measures to engage more and more youth into multiple fields is met seriously with political patronage.Dalit atrocities is another grave concern,which has almost left India in a state of absolute bewilderment.Dalits are in despair not because they havent voted but they are searching in daze who to question.Mob lyniching on beef gives rise to vigilantism.Precisely vigilantism has hijacked the idea of law and order.We should never question these vigilantes but their belief is buttressed upon an argument of “Hate and Hatred”. They also believe we have free run to zap anyone whom we pounce upon.Indian political lopsidedness has unleashed forces of varities.We identify them with Gau rakshaks,Vigilantes,Naxalites,Rapits,Druggists and others.Our future would augur bright if we only touch the iceberg of problem.But we dont care and our politicians admire our mood.We are now on the threshold of excruciating boredom.We only watch TV and dip into newspapers.I think media has done a massive damage to the national integrity and its now incumbent upon them to be very strong and create awareness among the people to realize their own democratic values rather than making TV shows a fun time.I believe change will happen if India sprouts up leaves of golden optimism.Let us learn from our mistakes.Let us put our faith in stronger sound policies not anarchist leaders. Let us say goodbye to “Blind following” which has time and again reduced the values of democratic ideals.Let us create awareness among common masses.They fall prey to any blandishments of supposed leaders.Let us create a close-knit community to rev up the rusted engine of political leadership.I hope out precious vote and it’s better usage will offer us a best platform to take a walk forward with our heads held high in unison.A sea change is needed to address the unheard.