India vs Pakistan…A must watch for Kashmiris

India vs Pakistan…A must watch for Kashmiris!!!
Owais Ahmad Shah

The arch rivals are always at each other’s throat.The high-voltage atmosphere between two countries is always mawing in people but Kashmiris are at the first place.The recent imbroglio between the two existed in the month of February when a fidayeen attack carried out at Lethpora in Pulwama claimed lives of more than forty CRPF men.The brutal attack sent shockwaves across region and set the scene for an acute political disorder.The conditions went out of control and ultra-nationalists stooped to beating Kashmiris,threatening and sending in numbers back home.
With no Govt in power,the Kashmiri voice almost seemed drowned out and the unabated assaults continued.Following up the attacks,India claimed to have carried out a surgical strike on the Jaish outfit in Pakistan.Media declaiming the attack and an announcement was made in the Home ministry about killing more than 300 Jaish militants.Pakistan threw a fit at India for overstepping the mark at LOC and Gung-ho-istic approach from both the sides set in trouble but Kashmiris always at first for being at the receiving end.
What calmed both sides was a pilot,Abhinandan who was captured by Pakistan and Imran Khan’s peace gesture put the whole house in order.
The World Cup was in the pipeline and the fixture read India vs Pakistan to be played in the grand events.India pulled back at this and went to forfeiting the match but later calmed down.
What was interesting more is the Kashmiri desire for watching the match.This is not only a cricket match but a matter of pride for country and Kashmiri needle always swings between the two.
The bilateral series between the two have been played a dot years ago.The 2008 Mumbai attacks almost ruined the relationship between the two and cricket was shutdown.
So the world Cup stared and the match played.India won and it’s grip continued on Pakistan in World Cup matches.
In the subcontinent,this cricket match is seen widely but Kashmir is always at first place for the political disturbance in the region.People of Kashmir see this as a beginning for a comprehensive dialogue but the tension exacerbates and Kashmiris bear brunt of the turmoil.
The time for shrugging-off anger is imperative and the amiable relationship is must for India Pakistan to decide the issue of Kashmir.The disturbed region is not on the table but at the menu.Its high time for both sides to place the recipe on table.