“””Social networking sites… Benediction or Malediction for the society….””””

“””Social networking sites… Benediction or Malediction for the

Showkat Ahmad Dar and Engineer Firdous Nazir

Social networking is fundamentally shifting the way we interact, communicate,organise ,form opinions or even shop. It
is blurring boundaries, increasing transparency and creating fluidity in everything we do. Companies at all levels today are compelled to attend the cater their influence of social networking sites.

The reality is you need to go where your target audiences are and people are more likely to participate in social media forum
than any other venue.

Customers, partners and employees,
expect to engage with you via social media-its way for you to stay connected, gather feedback, recruit and collaborate.
The invention of social media has changed our lives tremendously. With instant messaging, unlimited access, being
a cheaper method of communication.

However,by developing addictions changing the definition of privacy creating scams and spreading anti social messages,
social media can prove to be harmful to mankind on the other
side and thus social media can be either a blessing or a curse to
the world.
It all depends on how these sites like facebook, twitter are
being used social media itself can be abused,overused and
taken advantage of. However,the of social media itself is
probably greater than the power of any person, any noble, any
ruler or even any country, But,wether the incredible power is
a blessing or a curse is also a matter to the question.
Social media like Facebook ,twitter helps an individual with instant
messaging people can get in touch with their family and
friends anywhere across the globe in seconds,and all we need
is an internet connection. Its the most effective way for business to conduct marker research about the goods and
services they promote among the public. For eg opinions. Com
is specially designed website for consumers to rate, appreciate
and criticise new products and services that have recently
been launched to the public.
On the other hand, social media brought some shortcomings
along with its Advantage .

One crucial Disadvantage is
Isolation of young people . To explain it better,even if teenagers
communicate with other people, they do this via their mobile
phones or electronic computer. They lose all contact outside
the world and became addicted to the internet.their has been
an increasingly disturbing behaviour found in students and
youngsters after their exposure towards such sites.
The adolescents may talk to someone they don’t know. Internet is posed with full dangers and one of them are the people lure
within it with malevolent intentions. Infact employees in
colleges, Universities spend less time in their work and more
time in accessing their social sites.Hence it effects the work platform
Social network became a new site for artificial nikkah nama.Flock of youngsters are trapped in this coup which
affects their family touch and study schedule.
Social networking can impact health. The less a person moves
the more weight that person is likely to gain, and few calories
are being burned while sitting in front of a computer.
Computer monitors have been proven to cause eye strain,
leading to poor eyesight. Little movement has been proven to
lead to muscle weakness, less muscle development and, in
some cases, bone loss. Back, neck, and joint pain have been
associated with too much computer use. Social networkers
often spend hours networking, leading to weight and health
issues. Like all things, social networking can be beneficial in
moderation. Unfortunately, moderation and networking do not
coincide in today’s society. Social networking allows for
unnecessary risks in privacy, safety, social skills, and health.
Networking, at best, offers such ease of communication that
social skills deteriorate, and at worst, is dangerous for children
and networkers unaware of the predators lurking in the social media.
Social media is a blessing for mankind because its easy to use
cost effective, one can interact with family and friends
instantly and support and promote Business . In short its a
curse as well as blessing hangs on the shoulders of its users.
one may choose to abuse the potential of facebook or to
change the world with Twitter, the difference in your actions
may be small, but the end result varies greatly and its upto you to decide social medias role in your life.