Pinky’s Childhood!


( An Autobiographical story of eminent Odhisa writer Monalisa Parida to be taught in Nepal schools for Grade 7 Students)
      Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Pinky who lived in a small village, Chhoti. She was a lively child whose passion was playing, studying, writing poems, short stories. She was a bright student of Ramachandi Sikshya Niketan, Chhoti who loved learning new things and was always curious about the world around her. As she grew older, she realised the importance of education. Her parents were farmers who worked hard to feed their family. Despite their hardships, her parents valued education and always encouraged her to study.
       One day her father got some work in Cuttack, Odisha. Pinky convenienced her father to accompany him on the trip. It was a matter of  three days. So her father agreed. She packed her luggage and very excited to go there, where she could start her new professional life. When pinky reached at Cuttack, she saw the buildings, shopping Mahals, pakka roads etc. There were full of crowed where one couldn’t breathe fresh air. She felt suffocated. So, Pinky returned her own village where she could breathe clean air and played with her best friend Niki to whom she loved more than her life. Though Pinky was a bright student in her school but her family members especially her grandmother opposed her not to go to school whom Pinky loved more than her mother. But her family members allowed her cousin brother to study hard and supported him to reach his destination. When she saw the opposition of her family members, she was weird. And thought “Why is she not going to school?” But her father supported her to go to school where she can built her future.
    Pinky was inspired by her father’s word and decided to pursue her education further. Through her journey, Pinky realised that education was not just about getting a good job or earning money. It is about gaining knowledge, developing critical thinking skills and using that knowledge to make a difference in the world. She understood the value of education and how it could empower individuals and communities.
    By the blessings of Maa Ramachandi, support of her parents, relatives and friends now Pinky became an Assistant Professor of English at Bhubaneswar College of Engineering, Khordha, Odisha who is also an international recognised poetess of Odisha.
     The moral of the story is that education gives us identity and helps us to make the right decisions.