Mohsina(Jr KAS) Asistant Director Handicraft and Handloom Srinagar talks on diverse aspects of Handloom sector

Mohsina(Jr KAS) Asistant Director Handicraft and Handloom Srinagar talks on diverse aspects of Handloom sector
National Handloom Day Special
Mir Sabeen Gulrez
9th National Handloom Day was celebrated by the Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom Kashmir  on 7th August -2023 at Kashmir Haat, Srinagar.
National Handloom Day is observed on August 7th every year to commemorate the Swadeshi Movement, which was launched on this day in 1905.
 The event was held under the Chairmanship of  Commissioner Secretary Industries and Commerce, Shri Vikramjeet Singh along with Director Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir,  Mr. Mehmood Ahmad Shah. The event was attended by Joint Director Handicrafts & Handloom Kashmir,  Joint Registrar, Induscos Kashmir, Director IICT , Deputy Directors of Handicraft and Handloom Kashmir and other staff members of Handloom Department, various Artisans, Weavers, & members of Cooperative Societies also attended the event.During the event, weaver registration certificates along with Mudra Sanction letters were distributed among the weaver community.
Journalist Mir Sabeen Gulrez talked to  Mohsina(Jr KAS) Asistant Director Handicraft and Handloom Srinagar about diverse aspects of Handloom Industry.
Reporter : What was the theme of National Handloom Day 2023?
Mohsina : The theme for this year  was “Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion”.
Reporter : How do you see the current picture of the Handloom sector in J&K?
Mohsina : The handloom sector in Kashmir is showing humongous growth, due to ongoing efforts of the department. The department of handicraft and handloom kashmir is implementing a number of schemes to benefit the weaver community. Under the credit card and MUDRA scheme a 7% interest Subsidy loan is given to the weavers. Around 500 weavers are sponsored every year for the said loans from district Srinagar Uber MUDRA scheme and 600 credit card loans are sanctioned every year from district Srinagar.
Reporter : How far is GI tagging helpful to Handicrafts?
Mohsina : GI tagging has been a game changer for the entire weaver community, by giving due credit to the hard labour of weavers and recognising the time, hard work and money that goes into hand weaving. It helped in placing the hand knit work on the forefront over the machine made work.
Reporter : Has GI tagging helped Pashmina?
Mohsina : The Pashmina sector in particular has seen a bloom post GI tagging the pashmina weaving community has now got recognition and a face of their product. The international market of Kashmiri pashmina products have seen a bloom post GI tagging which has helped in marketing and publicity of our products. GI tagged pashmina shawls were displayed in the G20 summit which was highly appreciated.
Reporter :Your take on weak economic conditions of weavers in Jk?
Mohsina: The department is constantly working to improve the economic condition of the artisan community. A  stipend of rs 1500 per month is provided to each trainee at the training centres run by the department,  various schemes are being implemented to provided loans to the artisans, under karkhandar scheme a sum of rs 2.5 lakh is given to an award winning artisan to start a training course of his own which has played a huge role in reviving the languishing crafts of Kashmir. Co-operatives have been opened in different crafts wherein 1 lakh rs is given to establish the society.