Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi Exclusive interview, 22 April 2024 issue

Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi Exclusive Interview
Candidate from Srinagar Parliament Seat for National Conference Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi is a noted political leader of Jammu and Kashmir and  a well known religious  cleric succeeding his father Aga syed Mehdi.
As a matter of fact,  Aga syed Ruhullah Mehdi is ex-MLA Budgam as well as a former cabinet minister.
Aga Syed Ruhullah won three times legislative assembly election’s from Budgam constituency.
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, he talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.
How do you see the Lok Sabha Election contest from Srinagar?
My focus is on that through my Election campaign I give voice to the voiceless people of Kashmir as post abrogation of Article 370 the voice of masses has been scuttled and oppressed. I want to give platform to that voice of people through my effective Election campaign.
The result would be seen later on ,my priority is a strong Election campaign to give voice to the masses.
How do you see contest with PDP?
Everybody has a right to contest.  I want to also urge on People’s Democratic Party to give through their forceful campaign a strong platform to the voice of people and raise the issues of masses especially there suffocation since past 5 years.
You are seen a  sort of very vocal or angry voice within party especially after the abrogation of article 370 abrogation?
It is not the issue of being angry or vocal.  It is about my feelings and emotions reflecting the mood of repressed people who are disempowered and dis-  enfranchised . If my feelings and emotions don’t Potray the emotions and feelings of masses then there is no use of speaking or being in politics.
Did you believe taking Budgam and Beerwah assembly segments  out of Srinagar Loksabha seat after delimitation would hurt your chances?
It is a good question. Had I thought from mere petty votebank politics then taking Beerwah and Budgam from Srinagar Loksabha seat would have been an issue, but then identities and feelings are similar be it Budgam , Beerwah or Srinagar and Shopian or any other part of Jammu and Kashmir,  as we have collectively been robbed of our identity by unconstitutional abrogation of article 370. We all feel suppressed as people and issues, problems are same every year .
What is your development vision ?
A role of Parliament member in development process of his Constituency is there but limited one as it is limited to development fund and centrally sponsored schemes.  Yes, but people are facing lot of issues and the Lieutenant Governor lead administration imposed from Delhi has no clues . We saw a major boat tragedy recently and it was evident that a stalled work on bridge for long time caused it and all this proves lack of development. As Member Parliament I can’t just harp on single issue but have to speak on wide range of issues, but yes my primary Goal as Member Parliament would be to speak on the political rights of masses.
People voting on sectarian lines has been an issue outhere, your take on this ?
You can take my all speech records , online footprints from my days in Assembly and find I have never done politics on sectarian lines. I believe in inclusion of all communities and sectarian politics is never ever in mind and history bears testimony to this fact.
Is NC worried that BJP crossing 400 seats in elections , would harm the  politics of NC?
National Conference is a small entity on national level. If BJP bags huge victory it will be last nail in the coffin of Indian democracy,  as BJP leaders openly talk of ending democracy,  changing constitution and converting India into Hindu Rashtra. Look at the bleak condition of important Institutions like ED, CBI etc under BJP rule as they have eroded Institutions slowly.
What is your message to Waheed Para ?
My message to him is raise in a very emphatic manner the issue of masses of Jammu and Kashmir, who are at this time feeling a lot repressed. Use your Election campaign to raise the voice of people.
Do you believe BJP will be having proxy candidates in Jammu and Kashmir?
Yes for sure. In some constituencies be it Loksabha or Assembly polls they would either put direct candidates or support there B team . Few time back a head of the party openly said BJP is backing him. BJP will have direct or proxy candidates in elections.
Your message to masses?
My message to masses is never lose hope and courge. If we are on right path ,God will definitely grant us victory. Losing hope is not allowed in  our religion.