Choosing Careers Wisely: The Modern Kashmiri Youth Dilemma”

“Choosing Careers Wisely: The Modern Kashmiri Youth Dilemma”
Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon
Introduction: The vibrancy of a nation often rests upon the shoulders of its youth. Their education and employment opportunities are the lifeblood that sustains a nation’s vigor, allowing it to shine on the global stage. A society’s health is mirrored in the state of its youth; disheartened and anxious young individuals can hinder societal advancement. Therefore, it is imperative for nations to prioritize the well-being and prospects of their youth to thrive and progress.
In the picturesque realm of Kashmir, where nature’s beauty meets a rich cultural tapestry, the youth are brimming with immense talent and qualifications. However, opportunities have, at times, remained elusive. Despite their unwavering determination and dedication, many of them continue to grapple with unemployment and limited prospects, leaving them vulnerable to various social challenges. It is our collective duty to take proactive measures, carving a path towards their happiness, success, and growth, thereby unlocking their potential for the betterment of the region.
Kashmir, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and historical significance, has faced its own set of challenges over the years. The region’s youthful population, bubbling with promise and untapped potential, should not be left behind in the pursuit of progress and prosperity. This article delves into the unique challenges confronted by the youth in Kashmir and underscores the critical importance of empowering them for a brighter future. We will explore the formidable barriers they face and propose innovative solutions that can not only harness their latent potential but also contribute significantly to the overall development of Kashmir.
An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates
Nestled within the enchanting valleys of Kashmir, where the beauty of nature knows no bounds, it becomes crucial to examine the prevailing aspirations of the region’s youth. For generations, the dream of securing a government job has been deeply etched into the cultural fabric of Kashmir. However, it’s time to reassess these aspirations and explore the multifaceted opportunities that lie beyond the realm of government employment.
 The Obsession with Government Jobs
Kashmiri society has long held government jobs in high regard. The promise of job security, a stable income, and the prestige associated with government positions have made them the ultimate goal for many. Young men and women invest their valuable time and energy in competitive exams, interviews, and navigating the bureaucratic maze in pursuit of these coveted positions.
 Challenges in the Private Sector:
While the allure of government jobs is undeniable, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges that come with this fixation. The private sector, often overlooked, offers a plethora of opportunities for the enterprising youth of Kashmir. Unlike the limited vacancies in government positions, private sector roles often outnumber job seekers, providing a broader spectrum of choices.
• Promoting Entrepreneurship: Encourage and support young entrepreneurs by providing easy access to funding, mentorship programs, and incubation centers. Entrepreneurship can create job opportunities and diversify the economic landscape.
• Skill Development: Establish vocational training centers and skill development programs tailored to the needs of the private sector. This will bridge the gap between the skills youth possess and the skills demanded by the job market.
• Government-Private Partnerships: Foster collaborations between the government and private sector to create job opportunities. Public-private partnerships can drive economic growth and provide employment avenues.
• Promote Startups: Create a favorable environment for startups by reducing bureaucratic hurdles, offering tax incentives, and providing access to co-working spaces. Startups can become significant job creators.
• Diversify Industries: Encourage the diversification of industries beyond traditional sectors. Invest in emerging sectors such as technology, renewable energy, tourism, and agriculture, which can provide diverse employment options.
 Dispelling the Heavy Workload Myth
One common misconception is that private sector jobs entail an overwhelming workload. While it’s true that these roles can be demanding, they also come with substantial benefits. Competitive salaries, enhanced growth prospects, and exposure to a diverse range of experiences make the private sector an appealing alternative.
• Work-Life Balance: Emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the private sector. Promote flexible work arrangements and stress management programs.
• Career Advancement: Showcase success stories of individuals who started in the private sector and went on to achieve great career heights. Highlight the potential for growth and advancement.
 Addressing the Rising Unmarried Ratio
A concerning trend in Kashmir is the rising unmarried ratio, where eligible youth find it increasingly challenging to secure life partners. One contributing factor is the preference among parents for government-employed sons-in-law. However, it’s essential to broaden our perspectives. Rizk (provision) is in the hands of Allah, and the occupation of the groom should not overshadow his character.
• Embracing Diversity in Marriage Prospects
In matters of matrimony, it’s time to shift our focus from government jobs to the character and qualities of potential life partners. A groom’s worth should not be solely determined by his job title but by his values, integrity, and the love and respect he offers. Empowering our daughters to choose partners based on these virtues can lead to more dignified and fulfilling marriages.
 Government’s Role in Job Creation
Amidst the pursuit of government jobs, it’s essential for the government to recognize the aspirations of the youth. The private sector in Kashmir is facing significant challenges, with limited job opportunities. The youth of Kashmir are often driven to despair, grappling with unemployment, and some even turn to destructive coping mechanisms.
• Invest in Infrastructure: Develop infrastructure that supports industries in the private sector, such as technology parks, industrial zones, and logistics hubs.
• Incentivize Job Creation: Offer incentives to private companies that create jobs, such as tax breaks, subsidies, and grants for hiring local talent.
• Promote Remote Work: Encourage remote work opportunities, which can bridge geographical gaps and provide access to a broader job market.
“Create jobs for others by using your experience in the private sector.”
Governments play a vital role in fostering economic growth and job creation. It’s imperative for policymakers to invest in and promote industries, entrepreneurship, and skill development to expand employment opportunities. Initiatives that encourage and support the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can provide a lifeline for the unemployed youth of Kashmir.
 Combatting the Menace of Drug Abuse and Suicidal Tendencies
The rising unemployment rate in Kashmir has led to dire consequences, with many unemployed youth succumbing to the dark abyss of drug abuse and even contemplating suicide. It is an urgent issue that cannot be ignored. The government, in addition to creating jobs, must prioritize mental health support and rehabilitation programs to help those struggling with substance abuse and despair.
• Mental Health Support: Establish accessible mental health services and helplines to provide support and counseling to those struggling with depression and despair.
• Community Outreach: Engage community leaders, schools, and religious institutions in raising awareness about the importance of mental health and seeking help when needed.
• Skill-Based Programs: Introduce skill-based programs and recreational activities to engage the youth positively and divert their focus away from destructive behaviors.
“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle
It’s high time for the youth of Kashmir to expand their horizons and explore opportunities beyond the traditional pursuit of government jobs. While these jobs provide stability, the private sector offers a wider array of experiences and competitive remuneration. Additionally, in matters of marriage, let us remember the words of Plato: “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” May love and character be the guiding principles in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment for the youth of Kashmir.
In this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, it’s essential to remember that life’s true treasures often lie beyond the conventional, waiting to be uncovered by those who dare to explore. The government must take active steps to address unemployment, mental health, and substance abuse issues plaguing the youth, ensuring a brighter and more hopeful future for Kashmir.
About the Author:
Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon is a renowned Columnist & Motivational Speaker and an Associate Editor of the Weekly Publication ‘Education Quill.’ He currently serves as the Senior EDP Head at DD Target PMT Kashmir, a reputable institute renowned for its coaching classes in the medical/JEE/Foundation Classes.