Uniform Civil Code Debate, Editorial 17 July, 2023

Uniform Civil Code debate 

Many a voices across the countries  have often opined that 

Uniform Civil Code a need to strengthen the democracy in India. It is also been viewed as iron pillar of secularism. 

We need to bear in mind that Uniform Civil Code or UCC is implement personal laws of citizens which apply on all citizens equally regardless of their religion, gender and sexual orientation. Currently, personal laws of various communities are governed by their religious scriptures.Implementation of a uniform civil code across the nation is one of the contentious promises pursued by India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. 

We have had historically different communities themselves moving towards Uniform Civil Code and sanity from time to time.

Those who favour Uniform Civil Code in India states its implementation is the need of the hour. For the purpose of equality and equal justice we need Uniform Civil Code. Without uniform civil code some people also try to misuse their personal laws. As we can see the child philosophy some are still governed by their personal laws which is like a playing game with their future. In personal laws women did not get their rights after divorce or at the time of death of husband but with the implementation of Uniform Civil Code they will get their rights, children can have their future bright and even it will also help our country to grow and to develop.

But there are some who oppose Uniform Civil Code.

The main argument against a UCC is that it violates the constitutional freedom to practice the religion of choice which allows religious communities to follow their respective personal laws. For example, Article 25 gives every religious group the right to manage its own affairs.

The need of the hour is to take every angle into consideration before following final opinion on implementation of Uniform Civil Code.