Moral Degradation in Kashmir

In a barbaric episode depicting height of crimes and moral degradation in the once revered valley of Kashmir, it is learnt that a mentally-challenged woman delivered a stillborn baby on November 20 after she was gang raped by two men near the respected Makhdoom Sahib shrine in Srinagar. A Kashmir-based social activist has put up a social media post of how the woman was forced to pull out the foetus all by herself and said she has now been taken to the hospital. We cannot brush aside the fact that Moral degradation has also adversely hit the valley of kashmir over the past few years. Growing drug addiction, vulgarity, loss of respect for elders are some of the evident realities that  we are also witnessing in once virtuous kashmiri society . All this is impacting the overall moral and intellectual  growth as a society.



.As a matter of truth, moral degradation is worse than a complex and serious disease with overwhelming long term consequences.  It refers to the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of morality and is seen as preceding or concomitant with the decline in quality of life as well as the decline of societies and nations.  it has destroyed individuals, families, dynasties and nations alike from within.  it starts slowly with seemingly harmless choices by some individuals but then it spreads like an epidemic affecting the society at large.

We need to wake up against rising heinous crimes in Kashmir. The ground pulse is that  we are  not far away when Kashmiris and human of other societies   would lose their identity. These vices cannot  be curbed by an individual effort but need a joint effort of our social, political and above all efforts of the religious leaders.