Ugly Traffic Jams in Srinagar

Ugly Traffic Jams in Srinagar 
Traffic jams since many years have been a curse for the Kashmir Valley especially the Summer Capital Srinagar . The historic city of Srinagar is currently after the recent heavy snowfall battling one of the worst traffic jams in its history .
 Commuters state that for completing mere five to ten kilometers journey within the Srinagar city it is taking them many hours altogether making life miserable. Media reports state that various areas of Sriningar City centre  witnessed massive traffic jams causing immense problems to commuters.
The problem was further worsened due to presence of snow mounds on roadsides.

 Grime nature of the traffic jam was such that it has taken many commuters  nearly an hour to reach LalChowk from Sonwar, Dalgate.Heavy snowfall and snow not cleared from many areas caused hardships to the masses.  causing difficulties for the commuters as it is hampering the smooth passage to them.Massive gridlocks across the City were witnessed for many days after snowfall  and it took hours for people to reach their destinations.All walks of life have been badly hit by these long and painstaking traffic jams especially the students community and office goes . One hopes in the new look Jammu and Kashmir the human resource of Traffic Department would be increased by much as the meagre human resource makes very less traffic cops visible on the streets of Sriningar and other parts of the Jammu and Kashmir.Recently, even the Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) has expressed serious concern over the inconveniences the travellers faced on way to Srinagar Airport due to huge traffic jams and snow accumulation on the road.In a statement, TAAK President Farooq A Kuthoo said the logjams on way to Srinagar Airport is bringing bad name to Kashmir and may prove detrimental to tourism sector.
The hopes on ground zero are that very soon these long and tiring traffic jams would be things of past and people will get relief from same .