Rape video menace

Off late, we have witnessed much hue and cry being  raised over rising incidents of crime against women, it seems little has changed on the ground.

In a dastardly and heart wrenching report we have learnt that in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Rape Videos are being sold .


According to a Times of India report, rape videos are being sold in hundreds in these markets, right under the nose of the district administration. The report further added that In view of the huge demand for exclusive rape videos, video clips, which are 30 seconds to even 5 minutes long, are being sold in these markets, priced anywhere between Rs 50 to 150.


All this shows how much backward, unjust, tyrannical and ugly we are as a society and this report is enough to shiver the best souls .It is high time that a revolution is ushered that makes our society free from such evils and crushed such demonic tendencies and punishes all the elements of brutality .

If we fail to give our women equal rights as humans and do not stop such dastardly crimes we are doomed as a society.