Pollen Menace

Come the Spring Season In Kashmir and also in some portion of Summer Season, be it Children going to schools, labourers , roadside vendors or any  office-goers  we see many in Kashmir wearing  masks  as it is the peak pollen shedding season for the Russian poplar.These pollens are having adverse impacts on health. Pollen allergies are very commonly caused by pollen grain from poplar trees in Kashmir and despite ban Towards the end of every spring season and by the onset of summers, the poplar trees shed cotton like material carrying pollens and seeds, which according to many health experts are highly allergic and as such harmful to the health of people here. it is learnt that lakhs of Russian poplar  plants are being sold everywhere in Kashmir and it seems that those at helm of affairs have no interest in implementing the ban  or cutting completely these dangerous trees.

Russian Poplars’ have found popularity because its wood is the key component for fruit boxes and also fetches good returns from plywood industry. Thus realities call  fo government to think of effective replacement for hazardous Russian Poplars.



We need to bear in mind that some Experts also ascribe the growing phenomenon of pollen to the increase in the cultivation of ‘Keekar trees’ (Robina Pspuspudocia) .


Masses in unison are calling that   should effectively implement the blanket ban it had imposed on plantation of Russian poplar trees in the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir keeping in view the large number of  complaints of allergy being caused by its pollen and its damage to our overall health and environ .


We need to promote great benefiting  tees like chinar and with reference to Russian Poplas we need to bear in mind that the time is ripe to nip the evil before it is too little too late for us.