Tragic Assassination of Advocate Babar Qadri

Edit 28 September issue

Tragic Assassination of Advocate Babar Qadri Kashmir recently witnessed dastardly killing of prominent lawyer, tv debater, writer and political commentator. 

Babar Qadri was shot Thursday evening at his home in Srinagar by unidentified gunmen. Police blamed militants and said they formed a special investigation team. 

“We will arrest them as soon as possible and if we cannot arrest them, we will try to neutralize them in an encounter. This case is a top priority for us,” Inspector General Vijay Kumar said in a news conference.

Qadri’s relatives said two men came to his home and posed as his clients. As Qadri came out, they fired at him and fled, they said. Qadri was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Qadri, in his late 30s, was an outspoken person known for his tv debater and writing skills. 

It is indeed a very painful act that has send waves of grief across Jammu and Kashmir. 

One hopes that killers of Babar Qadri would be unmasked soon and bloodshed comes to an end.