Mistakes are part of life , opinion 10 July, 2023 issue .

Mistakes are a part of life 

BY: Syed Mustafa Ahmad

( The Writer is from Hajibagh, Budgam)】

Mistakes are a part of life. A human being is capable of doing mistakes. Some mistakes are major while some are minor.  Some have negligible repercussions while some  leave long-lasting results.  But the truth is that mistakes happen with a human being.  This world is created in such a fashion that there are cent percent chances of going astray.  Holding tightly to religious principles can go loose and the person is thrown into the abyss of wrongdoings.  In this Universe,  there is constant tussle between evil and good. It has usually been observed that evil triumphs at the end of the day, whatever the reasons. 

         If a mistake is committed by a person,  what is to be done? Is the person convicted in a court of trial or is the person be given another chance to mend his or her ways? Depending upon the mistake,  the verdict or decision should be accordingly made. However,  mercy is more powerful than cruelty.  God is full of mercy.  So, a human being must be merciful in all his or her activities. 

       But in today’s world, paradoxical things  take place.  One who is guilty of committing blunders, is set free, while the person who has done a minor mistake,  is taken to the task.  It is the visible mockery of the rule of law. The person who loots his or her country,  is given special treatment, while on the other hand,  the person  who consciously or unconsciously is caught doing something  opposite to society,  is thrown into a prison or beaten to the pulp. We have a range of examples where minor mistakes have taken heavy toll of those people who commit the mistakes. 

         In order to live a happy life, mistakes must be distinguished.  The major mistakes,  after thorough checking,  must be dealt accordingly.  In the same vein, the minor mistakes  must be neglected after proper counselling.  The most important thing to know about the origin of mistakes is why mistakes are done. Why do people do mistakes? This question  is quite important.  It is better to stop an evil than to punish an evildoer.  In our society,  the evildoers  are beaten, while the evil itself is roaming freely.  Evil has liberty to go where it wants to go. It has no bars. The fact of the matter is that it is generally welcomed.  

          Let us try to be merciful as much as we can. Mistakes happen, but let us forgive each other.  Punishing others is quite easy. But forgiving has more value in the eyes of God.