Simmering Students, Elusive Education


News Kashmir Exclusive

Student agitations since past few years has hogged the limelight and dominated news-headlines in the troubled valley of Kashmir with pictures of angry, protesting students from Kashmir becoming the dominant images of Kashmir.

As soon as the spring sets and the long winter comes to an end the burning issues confront Kashmir and students are forced to raise their voice. But now it is felt that students are overdoing the protest related things and everyday protests make no sense, according to many rationale and seasoned voices.

As brutal rape and murder episode of Young child at Kathua enraged entire world and logically students were forced to protest but registering everyday protests nonstop which sometimes turn violent makes no sense.

All the concerned voices in unison are stressing that further loss of academic time to students should be avoided and education should be kept above politics . Works Minister and senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Naeem Akhtar on Thursday said that there was no reason for the students in Kashmir to hold protests over Kathua rape-and-murder case when the accused were already behind bars.

“What is the occasion for protests, stone pelting [over Kathua case] when case is solved, accused in jail and trial on? Shouldn’t they be attending classes instead,” Akhtar wrote in reply to a tweet of a journalist.

Jaffar Allie, a well known academic expert and Chairman Career Park Trust working for student community of Kashmir states – “ Youth is the season of hope and we need to remember that this youth as students are the most vital component for our effective human resources and we in pain hit Kashmir cannot afford to have dull , incompetent students and if we continue to waste the precious academic time of our students it will prove disastrous. Students too should recognize that excess of everything is bad so they should not misuse the powerful weapon of protests and make it mundane by everyday protesting and not attending their classes. Students should return to classrooms.”

The pulse on ground zero is undoubtedly that it is the trilateral responsibility of civil society, government and parents to ensure that our young students get maximum time in academics and students, and students too have to understand their basic responsibilities .