Seventh Pay Commission : Public View

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At JAMMU, on APRIL 24  in a major decision, the state cabinet that met  under the chairpersonship of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and approved implementation of 7th pay commission recommendations for state government employees and pensioners with effect from January 2016.

As a matter of fact, the decision would benefit around five lakh employees and pensioners in the state. The financial implications for the implementations of 7th pay commission recommendations would be Rs 4201 crore annually while financial implications on account of one-time arrears would be Rs 7477 crores.

The State government employees can now draw the salary for the month of April 2018 as per the revised scales.

Unemployed youth are aghast that on one paradigm government is announcing seventh pay commission for the government employees but on otherhand not thinking about same.



Mujeeb Mir, an unemployed youth stated – “The Seventh Pay Commission announced by the government looks a cruel joke on we the unemployed youth of the state .We all know unemployment has run out of hand and has achieved chronic levels especially among the educated youth . At a time when the business is already dead and the key sectors like Tourism have been struggling since long and how our resource less state will get resources for the Pay Commission one is bamboozled . We hope now the government will think of how to change the bleak scenario related to unemployment towards betterment .”

Importantly, the implementation of 7th pay commission recommendations for PSUs and autonomous organizations will depend on the availability of resources with the respective organizations

On the otherhand , the commoners are also offering what can be termed as mixed reactions.

Manzoor Ahmed, a commoner stated – “ The inflation has been rising since long time and breaking the backbone of the people of the state and nothing is being done to trim that . We are not against the government announcing the seventh pay commission benefits in favor of its employees but there should be a mechanism   to ensure that they deliver proper services due to their pay as there is a perception that in majority of the government departments the output of the government is not such great. State of Jammu and Kashmir has been since long struggling to get resources and get rid of debt and it would be wonder how it manages financial resources for same.”