Caged, Gagged Kashmir

News Kashmir Exclusive

Kashmir is current bruised, caged, gagged and suffocated as the continuous unrest has killed scores and blinded , wounded many. As a matter of fact, Rape victims, pellet victims, unmarked graves, fake encounters, tortures, killed protesters, gagging internet, snapping communication, peace of graveyards ,useless inquiries have defined handling of Kashmir conflict.

All the voices of sanity are expressing deep angst over the gloomy state of affairs.


Advocate Babar Jan Qadri , President Lawyers Club states – “ Indian integrity in Kashmir is exposed to the hilt as Indian state had to show its control over Kashmir through media gag , brutal use of force and even killing Kashmiris . Indian democracy and civility is now under question at international level . Gandhi’s Indian principles will have no takers and Indian state can’t use Gandhi as currency to buy UN permanent seat. Indian Prime Minister Modi who is already exposed in Gujarat will have lot  to answer about Kashmir killings too . By Media Gag Indian state has shown it’s feeble character as no democratic system strangulates it’s so called 4th limb. In totality we can define Indian state as a political opportunist who wants to earn political space by inviting world economic powers to her home .”

Many a voices on ground feel that Indian state has failed to meet the aspirations of Kashmiris and no sense and logic has been applied to solve Kashmir issue.

While talking to News Kashmir , Senior Advocate and Spokesperson Lawyers Club , Iftikhar Ahmad states -” Kashmir is being brutally caged and suppressed .Indian or pro-indian politicians have started the old game of deception technology, time buying technology and sabotage of popular mass movement.

They are again talking of healing touch , autonomy , azaadi means different to different people in kashmir , sky is the moon , art. 370 should not be fiddled, jobs to youth ,economic development , tourism all party delegation should go to kashmir and put balm on the wounds of people , no harm in talking to hurriat , militants , mis-guided youth. , elections were rigged , they are our own people , Indian did not own kashmiri people , we coudnt keep our promise , alienation,  children education etc

GOI and collaborators are talking these niceties while killing people , blinding youth , disabling people , arresting youth ,By keeping people of Kashmir under the siege.
By talking autonomy and then dispatching autonomy report to dustbin.
By appointing interlocutors and then sending their reports to shit-bin
By changing the demography of the State.
By holding  jammu and Kashmir by adding more and more troops to  eight lakh troops ,already most militarized territory in the world.

By blaming each move on Pakistan while gagging mobile service,telephony , internet , cable and even print media.
By explaining which weapon is more lethal to crush the people of Kashmir .

By promising the Moon and settling for bullets , and pellet terrorism.”

On ground definitely the caging and gagging of Kashmir has failed to curb the sentiments of masses .