Go Back to Classes

The Kathua rape and murder of a child has no doubt not only rattled our state but entire globe .The need of the hour was to raise our voice and concern , but the daily student protests are now becoming unwanted and adversely impacting their education prospectus. To add to it, the larger woes are that since some years students making protest activity a fun and making it a reason to not attend educational institutes.

Resonating the sentiment of advising the students to go back to classes many voices are taking to social media to voice their opinions. Pertinently, Works Minister and senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Naeem Akhtar on Thursday said that there was no reason for the students in Kashmir to hold protests over Kathua rape-and-murder case when the accused were already behind bars.

“What is the occasion for protests, stone pelting [over Kathua case] when case is solved, accused in jail and trial on? Shouldn’t they be attending classes instead,” Akhtar wrote in reply to a tweet of a journalist.

The need of the hour is to guide the innocent students and not to exploit their emotions for politics, the trilateral responsibility of civil society, government and parents to ensure that our young students get maximum time in schools, colleges and universities is paramount and we need to fulfill this duty aptly. Students should with calmer head go back to classes.