Comedy should be within realms of Civilization : Musaib Bhat

Comedy should be within realms of Civilization : Musaib Bhat 

Kashmir’s new age comedian Musaib Bhat is winning hearts with his videos on Social Media.His latest song of Downtown Srinagar is going much viral on the internet . In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir , he talks to Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz .

Were you creative since Childhood as you entertain people a lot ?
I wanted to do things related to creativity and this inclination was in me since childhood . How did idea of doing comedy came ?

Basically , the Kashmiri people are suffering from lot of depression and problems since past many decades so I thought to relieve people of my land through my talent of making people laugh and ease their stress . My videos got huge appreciation and I never looked back.
How was family support to your talent of comedy and mimicry  ?

The family support was not much Intially and as the  time has passed the family has started to support

.You recently produced a viral song on Downtown  Srinagar ,  how did its idea came   ?Since I am from Downtown Srinagar only  and our area has rich history and heritage but we are also confronting many problems . So I penned down and sang a entertaining song on the same aspect .The feedback of the song is mind-blowing and awesome so far my best performance .
Your story on receiving call from attendant of Cancer patient on your comedy talent ?

I have received thousands of calls from people in depression and distress that they get relieved after seeing my videos and yes once wife of a cancer patient called me that his husband is great fan of my videos and eagerly awaits them so I took this feedback as motive to always make my people laugh .

You are known for your wonderful expressions , a bit about those ?

These are natural expressions that are gift of God . 

A bit about your social media journey ?

Once tik tok was banned I shifted to YouTube and Instagram, I got good response and  viewership on all platforms . 

In Kashmir we lack often quality comedy , a take on that ?

The comedy is must but it should be always within the realms of Civilization and manners . We need to make people laugh but not leave our culture and manners that is what good comedy is all about .

Your future goals ?

My future goals is to be a caring son of parents and whatever I am doing is just my hobby nothing beyond that .

Sometimes you often face negative comments too , your take on it ?

We have five fingers in our hand and all these fingers are of not same size and remember where there is positivity there is also negativity ,the criticism also helps in shaping our personality.

What would be your message to youth

?My message to the youth of Kashmir is be positive about life and don’t ever indulge in drug addiction as it is the biggest vice . We should always try to engage ourselves in good things and keep on struggling even in tough times.  We need to remember that hopelessness is not answer to any issue we face .

Would you like to fight vices like drug addiction ?

Empty mind is devil’s workshop and we in Kashmir often have no opportunities and also there is huge unemployment . These things lead to vices like drug addiction . I would definitely like to fight to eradicate menace of drug addiction.
Would you be showcasing your talent outside Kashmir ?

No I am strictly adhering to showcasing my talent for people of Kashmir only .
It is said people in comedy have long history of sadness,  your take ?

I agree more than hundred percent that people who perform comedy have seen much sadness in life .