We need to put effort in order to keep the mirror of our hearts clean: Sama Sabet


Sama Sabet is a prominent youthful humanity voice from Kashmir working on diverse humanitarian causes. She is a well known orator and is currently  busy in different philanthropic causes in different parts of planet earth. In an exclusive interview with The News Kashmir Magazine, Sama Sabet talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.


Tell us a bit about your childhood days?

Days of yore were marked with beautiful friends with whom I could grow old with, questions that spark the light of truth and most importantly true education which sets the foundation of who you become as an individual.

How was academic life like?

Until 4th grade, I studied at S.R.G Montessori School which inculcated a world embracing vision in me with a lot of emphasis on oneness of mankind as the motto of the school is “World Unity” and then it was Mallinson Girls School.

English, History and Urdu poetry were my favorite subjects but my passion was manifested in participating in debates, seminars, hosting programs and drama.

It’s very important to have this habit of asking questions as I feel that our culture does not appreciate this trait at all. It helps you in being always in the learning mode and opens the gate of understanding without having preconceived notions.


Where you always motivated by pro-humanity works?

Every human being on this earth is motivated by pro- humanity works by default.

Almighty has created us noble and human by nature is spiritual; there is no doubt that we need to put effort in order to keep the mirror of our hearts clean and reflect these noble virtues but we all have the capacity for sure. Rest is just a matter of free will.


Tell us a bit about kosh khabar concept?

Media has a lot of power to influence people, change perceptions etc. but this power can be used to bring people together or to widen the gap and create more barriers.

I have been following a lot of face group pages and groups related to Kashmir and most of them have imbibed a style of reporting  that was quite provocative, biased and most importantly was creating more and more hatred.

The comments made by people from various religious back grounds showering abuses on each other etc. made me ponder about the deep impact media could have.

When Kashmir was recently hit be the deluge, I felt the barriers had collapsed but it was sad to see that after a few days, the media again used it as a tool to reinforce the existing prejudices. Instead of focusing on we all helped each other as one big community, it was turned in to a competition of who did more?

At that moment, I decided that we need a platform to prove that Kashmiri society is rich not only in beauty but in noble actions that are aimed towards the betterment of our society irrespective of religion, caste etc. Thus Khosh Khabar was born and we believe “Achhi baatei bhi banti hei khabar”

We posted news about Trehgaam which was about a Kashmiri Muslim man taking care of a Hindu Temple since many years. The reaction of Pandits to that post was so overwhelming and that man was showered with words of gratitude. This kind of news never makes headlines but makes its place in a tiny corner of a newspaper which goes unnoticed by everyone.


  • Who is your rolemodel?

We don’t need famous people or celebrities to be our role model. Every human being who brings about change both at the level of individual and society is inspiring.

  • Do you fell world of ours is buying more hate than love?

Love is the reason behind our creation and it is the most powerful force on this earth, it is the light that guides in darkness. Hatred has no existence; it is just the absence of love. People are inclined towards love but alas, no one is there to highlight what is good.

Your message?

Prayer has to be followed by action, and then only we will move towards a better society. As In Urdu they say, Ibadat ki taqat, khidmat ka zor, tabhi badhengei hum ek behtar muashere ki aur.