We should rise above blame game :Dr.Ridwana Sanam

We should rise above blame Game: Doctor Ridwana Sanam

Doctor Ridwana Sanam from Kashmir, who is globally known and awarded Physiotherapist and health entrepreneur ,is contesting as an independent candidate from South Kashmir Parliamentary constituency.
In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz.

Why you didn’t stick to profession as Doctor wherein you were very successful and preferred to be politician ?

I believe all the main fields are related and especially the field of Doctor is most suited to politics as Doctors throughout the history have been very successful politicians as our field involves identifying, diagnosing and giving remedy to problem which are also basic pillars of successful politics.

Will you be able to compete with political heavyweights from South Kashmir?
I don’t agree that the word impossible exists in the electoral politics as with determination to work and serve Your Own people and good intentions can help cross any barrier which I have fully espoused.

Why didn’t you join the National Conference since your family has been closely associated with it ?
Be it National Conference or any other party the problem is they won’t encourage a young, budding and dynamic voice to go into Lok Sabha ,that is why I decided to fight as independent candidate.

Your father rich political legacy how much will it help you?

To the credit of my father he has had two great attributes one is that he showed utmost loyalty to both the party and people .Secondly he also lead by example by serving the people. He believed in politics of principles.

Will South Kashmir vote as it has been witness to lot of bloodshed?
No doubt scores of our youth have been killed but the solution to our problems lies in voting and elect a represehtative who represents tears and cries of masses and aspirations of youth.

Are you going to stay in politics world?
I am in political field for a permanent inning as I believe we need to go into the system to make it work and initiate good number of changes in it that positively impact masses on ground zero.

How much pain you have felt as you have visited scores of villages in past few months in South Kashmir?
The pain in almost all the areas of South Kashmir is not just visible but significant as well. I believe the politicians in our world should rise above the blame game and dirty politics and serve the masses to end this pain.

What will be your main priorities?
My biggest priority as the politician would be to guide my youth in becoming self reliant by learning the skills of self entrepreneurship as I have been not just successful Doctor but a successful entrepreneur and once elected I would ensure that allocated funds are honestly put to use of public welfare.
My other major priority would be that people especially youth develop their mental and physical health via taking actively part in the sports activities.

How will you be different if elected to Lok Sabha?
I am very well aware of the functioning of parliament and the dynamics governing it and will champion the voice of people of Kashmir in a forceful manner. I would make my every move taking into consideration the interests of my people into the context.

How difficult it is for women to be in electoral politics?
I believe leader is a leader and he or she should not make gender an excuse to rise and deliver.

Will you put into practise the vast health entrepreneurship knowledge in practise in Kashmir?
Definitely I would like to create jobs, improved health care and skill development via my experience, knowledge and give utmost to Kashmir.

With few days to go to polls, what would you like to say to your electorate?
I would like to say that although situation is tough but we should vote in high numbers and learn not just to crib. The time is ripe to follow heart and mind and vote a good leader who represents us in a nice way and use vote judiciously to a candidate who you think can deliver .