Be Kind to Animals: Khushi Pallavi Gillani

Be Kind to Animals: Khushi Pallavi Gillani 

Khushi Pallavi Gillani Is a brilliant child who since very tender age has dedicated herself to welfare of animals especially saving street dogs.

In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir, She talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

I am student of class 11th of International School Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu, India .

How did you develop passion for working for cause of street animals?

I have lot of love for animals since very tender age especially from class first. I was moved by the pain and agony felt by animals especially the likes of street Dogs in our part of world, so thought that one can’t be just a mere animal lover but have to do practically somethings for them. One episode moved me especially when at age of 13 I saw video of animal cruelty on Instagram, and wrote article on animal abuse.

Tell us about your baked items  initiative for street animals?

I saw street dogs in Kashmir living under miserable conditions so made some baked items which I put for sale, to help street dogs in Kashmir. It got good response and from the funds generated I donated 70 percent to heath centers looking after street animals,  20 percent to NGO working for street Dog welfare, and ten percent I bought Dog feed and distributed at different places of Kashmir.

What are your future plans for animal protection?

When I will come for summer vacation next time I would do fund raising to cover good number of street Dogs maybe by selling baked items or some other idea to cover more animals. I want to do big things for street animals especially dogs in Kashmir in future times.

Are your parents supporting you?

Yes, my parents are supporting like me anything. They are themselves animal lovers and we have a dog at home. They support my every noble idea and initiative.

How is love towards street animals in Kodaikanal?

We are not allowed to roam here much beyond school, but whatever I am seeing here street dogs are less but treated well. Although there are many in Kashmir who feel pain of street animals and work for their welfare. In future in Kashmir too the condition of street animals would improve.

The death of puppies and dogs due to cold in Kashmir is although a very painful reality. 

Often street Dog bites cause Human -Dog conflict in Kashmir. Your take on it ?

Yes we often hear Dog bites which is a painful phenomenon. We can adopt multi pronged strategy for same. More shelter homes for street dogs, increase in sterilization process, feeding street dogs often as hunger and starvation creates problems for any form of life .

What is your message to people?

My message to people is don’t kill animals nor hurt them . Be kind to them.Try best to work for their welfare and do efforts for promoting the conditions that keep especially street animals safe.