Let us give peace a chance : Munir Ahmad Khan 

Inspector  General of Police for Kashmir and Senior IPS officer Munir Ahmad Khan is an Eminent name in policing field in our part of the world .
In an exclusive Interview with The News Kashmir , Muneer Khan talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.
You have taken over as  IG police under difficult circumstances in Kashmir,  state few challenges being faced ?
There are many challenges with reference to policing this time .Firstly we are having increase in radicalization , secondly there is disruption of operations happening on behest of Militants which was not the case intially .A good number of local youth joining Militancy is also cause of concern  .
The biggest challenge out of all the challenges we are facing is the use of students in creating unrest by both Separatists and Militants as was evident in recent student protests across Kashmir.
Can we then conclude we are facing worse situation as compared to 1990s?
It would be wrong to compare the two situations .1990s was intially much larger mass movement and then witnessed transition towards the gun movement and today situation has its own contours and dimensions that demands new way of dealing.
How much setback has the police faced in the recent series of attacks on them?
The attacks against Jammu and Kashmir police personnel are not new.During my tenure as SSP Anantnag in 1990s  my SHO Kokernag was killed along with six cops,despite setbacks JK police has always shined and successfully overcame these setbacks .
Pellets have received widespread condemnation especially since last year agitation and many experts say the havoc caused by pellets is radicalizing many ?
There is way to use pellet gun and it is basically a non lethal weapon, whose handling requires proper training .Pellets have to be fired from a range and not from close range.We are improving the training with reference to handling of pellet guns and have directed that it should be fired as last resort of firing .
Has the recent lynching of Police officer broken Police Public relations ?
Without doubt the act of lynching was a brutal one and no body expected this to happen , but let me make one thing clear that the amount of condemnation from the society coupled with tears , attendance in funeral showed society does not approve this shameful act.
The accused arrested in the lynching case are many is there evidence against them ?
Yes we have enough evidence against the accused to get them convicted and secure fast track justice in the case. we have made recovery of enough things, and eye witness account is sufficient to nail the accused .
Don’t you believe time has come for implementing reforms in Police ?
Yes with changing times the reforms are needed and should be implemented.
Some voices are critical of SPO culture , your take on this ?
SPOs are performing magnificent duties and that too paid just RS 6000 per month .Yes the services of SPO need to be  regulated and supervised otherwise they can become ‘ unguided Missiles ‘.
Don’t you feel Police is overstretched?
Yes definitely the police is much overstretched – managing law and order, traffic, VIP security etc are larger number of tasks being entrusted to police and we need to recognise that police men too have families and life full of happy and sad events so they cannot satisfy hundred percent .
What is being done to make police more  public friendly ?
We have always taken steps to improve our relationship with public and have taken series of steps – Setting a top class drug de addiction center , promoting culture , organizing literary and sports activties for youth. I believe in maintaining close contact with public and listening to their problems carefully .We are also embarking on counselling youth .
Do you also include the counseling with arrested young Stone pelters ?
Yes their counselling is our key concern and we believe police , people and entire society is stakeholders in peace.Militants believe in catching young and making them Stone pelters , and we believe in  reforming the youngsters so that they lead better life .
Is stagnation in kashmir police cadre a concern ?
Yes it has been a concern but we are thankful to the government who have taken in recent times series of steps in this regard .
Your message ?
I would repeat my message is that entire society of Kashmir is stakeholder in peace and let us all give a peace chance .