You will fail 99 times before getting success: Ritu Pandit

Ritu Pandit is a fashion stylist of par excellence .In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir , Ritu Pandit talks to Rameez Makhdoomi


A bit about your early life ?

I belong to a traditional family in Palwal district of Haryana, India. My life has been very simple since my town was not very developed. It’s my dad who agreed for my abroad studies after one straight year of persuasion.



How was academic life like ?

I have studied computer engineering & did my masters from England. I had some months of visa available to stay in England which made me to join a short course in fashion & media styling from one of the renowned “Institute “London College of fashion”.


What motivates you to become fashion stylist ?

There is lot of motivation from my friends & known people who used praise my dressing & outfit ideas. Like all women I loved to dress different everyday & experimenting. I used to wear matching shoes & purses which led to piles of merchandise in my house.. I had this internship period with fashion production house in Leicester. So, this was the force which pushed me in fashion industry after coming back to India also.


What are your priorities as a stylist ?


I have worked as a freelance fashion stylist. Now, I have a better & transparent medium to encourage people more about fashion & spreading awareness about culture, travel & anything I find interested to share with my followers on my website

Now, I just love doing stuff which keeps my followers happy & beautiful.


You are also vivid traveler .A bit about your traveler experiences?

Travelling is something where you get the solitude from worldly things be its a small town visit or any international country. Every-time I am pissed with situations I want to take an escape to anywhere from my current city. I won’t call myself a traveler but I have traveled quite a bit while studying abroad in Europe, friends’ visits in Asian neighbor countries & India of-course. My best travel experience was during my reality TV show with NDTV India “Godrej Green Champion” where we explored India throughout the road journey from Delhi to Bangalore. I recently went on this 7 day trip to Himachal Pradesh with “Big Bang Trip” who gather people from around the globe & provide them experience for lifetime. I am still waiting for my long train travel may be south soon.


Your take on condition of women in India ?

Well, I am feminist myself. But, many people are mistaking the word feminism. We have fought over year to reach the position we are here today & it will take many more generations to give the due respect to women be in India or abroad. Feminism is not about putting male power down, but it’s lifting up the level of women in society. Equality begins from your house & upbringing. Parents are the first teachers to give right pictures of men, women & world. Equality is not only giving equal education & spending money on daughters. Equality is not treating them like sons. For me there is just one line:

We don’t want special respect; We just want ordinary equality to live”


Your message?

I am a very optimistic person & I felt over year that being optimistic does not make you smile all the time. You will fail 99 times before getting success. Just sick to your decision & this entire universe will get fixed itself.