Traffic Mess Mars Kashmir

BY Junaid Nazir  

Let us know…..As we all are aware of everyday motor accidents happens across the valley ,Some vehicles falls in gorge and some vehicles turtle upside down .Why this happens ? Is there lack of driving ethics, lack of driving etiquettes or is there something wrong happening  on grass root level. We cannot stop traffic collisions to happen but we can prevent to some extent.

Its grave concern and we should ponder on it because we lose those lives that are precious for someone. In my opinion you may or may not agree, this  is turmoil.

These rapid incidents happens due to lack of various Technical failure

Driving Test: we have since decades same procedure for driving test, to pass through the vehicle from Iron poles to & fro. The drawback of this procedure is that testing authority never observes how much “Reaction and perception time” applicant had. The driving on road needs: Anticipation, judgment and road positioning according to other road users. Driving at inter sections needs: Negotiation with zone of vision, check Mirror signal and maneuver (MSM), Position speed and look (PSL). These aspects never judged by Driving test inspector. The current driving testing system in our state never gives best driver to society whether commercial or private.

Fitness certificates of Transport vehicle: According to motor vehicle act section 56 to certify the vehicle through Board Of inspection from Motor vehicle department to conforming the roadworthiness of vehicle after given interval of time by authorities. This is most important part for inspection and testing of in use commercial vehicles .This inspection is based on rather visual and road tested. The equation of vehicles and the testing officer is in reality unbelievable and unfair.

Road design and elevations: We don’t have specific traffic roads as per standard , motor roads should be elevated to large extent that vehicle at permitted speed can negotiate the curves and turns of the road. The road should have traffic signs spotted at proper place like where apprehension of accidents is high. Various mishaps happened on road, is just due to the condition of road. But as accidents are not scientifically analysed, the role of road is always ignored .Road may not be direct cause. But indirectly it compels the driver to behave abruptly considering the situation on road. Pot holes, cuts on shoulders, uneven pavement, and uneven surface compels driver to act differently and its result in accident. In our state roads are divided in to national highway, major district roads, village roads, street and other kinds of roads. Each of these type has to  be properly defined . The minimum width of each category has to be specified. Last but not the least, Punishment for non functioning of the duty has to be specifically mentioned. Which will definitely make the roads good for smooth Transport .

Driver: The steering man is totally responsible to control the vehicle at driving time. If he lacks judgment time he can’t prevent accident .If he lacks perception time and reaction time the accident is possible .If he tailgates or can’t maintain cushion space he is not best driver. The most responsible factor for accident is supposed to be a vehicle driver. As accident is dealt under law. It is treated as crime .Before allowing person to drive a vehicle his social, economical, educational, mental ,psychological conditions of has to be checked and considered. In addition to this impact of vehicle and time, fast music on drivers and societies attitude towards driver also cannot be ignored

Motor cycle and scooter Riders: The number of motor-cycle and scooters on the streets in towns and cities is increasing enormously in the past years. The rider of motor cycle or scooter is very much vulnerable to accidents because he is totally unprotected. A study in Delhi (source internet) has estimated that the chances of fatality is fourteen times as great for motor cycle and scooter riders as for car drivers. Another cause for concern is that the two-wheeler accident victims generally succumb to head injuries. This points to be the usefulness of crash helmets for these riders.

Now what is lacking from administrative side to cause accidents

           Motor Vehicles Department: As per section 213 of motor vehicles Act every state government has       to establish a motor vehicles department. And the Qualification of the officer has been well defined under the notification and rules of the said act. These provisions have been introduced to achieve proper road safety, because the job itself is a technical job and needs expertise and professional attitude. The reality is far away from the dream expectations. The motor vehicles department is one of the most neglected department in every state government .The attitude of state government is to generate more and more revenue through motor vehicles department. Thus department has become a revenue generating machine. But unfortunately it is at the cost of road safety and social safety.

Many times unqualified and unskilled officers from non-technical departments are deputed to motor vehicles department .In addition to this proper manpower and proper infrastructure are never provided by state government. It has become a honeymoon heaven for all the state civil services officers in many states. In addition number of activities is shouldered by other department which has no skill and proper time and knowledge to perform the duties. It has thus  made chaos on roads

Motor vehicles Act: It is basic tool for road safety. But this most active law of land is neglected by government as well as by society.  The reason behind this negligence is motor vehicle act is central act and is implemented by state government. Thus no government is serious about this law or in short this is nobody’s baby. Further this law is called minor act .Violation of the provisions are non cognizable at number of times. It has hampered the social status of law.

There are so many deficiencies in our state related to transport. We can’t pinpoint at all .so request to everyone kindly follow the rules and regulation to safe guard our generation


Junaid Nazir  is a Road Safety Expert