Wailing Valley, Bleeding Humanity

News Kashmir Exclusive

The age in which we live can only be characterized as one of barbarism. Our civilization is in the process not only of being militarized, but also being brutalized. Alva Myrdal

In  present day world   ,  every  human-being   is supposed to be a global  citizen, so the logic demands we  must learn to  behave in accordance with the international citizenship : because  present  is a mixture of little bit  past and  more optimistic   future.

Presently the situation of Kashmir is totally in contrast to what can be termed as normal and rationale as bloodshed has ruined the peace and solace of Kashmir.
All the sane  things seem to be overlooked in Kashmir by all concerned ideologies and stakeholders as humanity stands battered and bruised badly here on account of the unabated cycle of violence and counter violence from all sides having its roots in the unaddressed Kashmir conflict.And despite facing unprecedented destruction , kashmiris continue to have relentless faith in spirit of humanity and are pained by every sad episode of violence that takes away with it scores of precious human lives.


Over the last few months violence seems to be reinforced itself in a destructive way .A number of militants, civilians and also security forces have   got killed in encounters especially in the South Kashmir region.

The pulse on ground is how the stakeholders are failing to learn that it is theprecious human blood that is poured on earth and it means unending suffering of his family. Many voices opine that the response from the state which otherwise should have taken lead in solving conflict has been even more inhumane. Heart-wrenching stories are all alike around Kashmir – mothers wailing over their dead sons or wives mourning over their husbands killed have become norm.


Clearly, the latest cycle of tremendous violence in the troubled valley is a stark reminder that more than seven  decades after independence of both India and Pakistan, the disputed territory of Kashmir remains as volatile as ever and the mood on ground zero clearly indicates that that until a permanent solution to the Kashmir crisis is found, normalization of ties between Pakistan and India will not be possible and peace can also be not achieved , and ultimate sufferer is mostly common kashmiris. For the time being, humanity in Kashmir is under attack.

Raees Ahmed, a youth states – “Due to unabated violence Kashmir is suffering. The list of countries and cities disintegrating or unraveling because of violence, economic and political turmoil, lack of food and civil unrest is growing. Human violence is a very important subject at this particular moment in time. Violence has ‘always’ been a basic part of human nature and we have a lot to be ashamed of and in Kashmir humanity is in great distress due to this ugly never ending cycle of violence. We need to take collective efforts to end this violence.”