Respecting elders, cover story 6 November 2023

Respecting Elders

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Elders are integral part of every society. Respecting elders should be cornerstone of every society. Unfortunately enough, in Kashmir valley with passing time the respect for elders has been dwindling as a result the society is facing multiple issues.  The need of the hour is to enforce the respect of elders .
The Valley of Kashmir is known for its rich ethos  cultural values and strong moral heritage since centuries. The respect towards elders especially parents has been the founding cornerstones of our moral values in Kashmir.  Thus taking care of parents in old age by children , like they took care of their children in young age is a logical outcome of these longstanding moral traditions.
However since sometime the idea of establishing multiple old age homes is creeping in Kashmir.
retirement home – sometimes called an old people’s home or old age home, although old people’s home can also refer to a nursing home – is a multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly. Typically, each person or couple in the home has an apartment-style room or suite of rooms. This trend suggests we are towards a moral dilemma in our society.
Expert pulse has been that
The respecting elders means you cannot ignore or cut their voices. Whenever they are speaking to someone or discussing anything, don’t interrupt.
They have rich heritage of experience. Maybe you are having more knowledge about that particular topic, but let them speak first and listen then put your points when they complete it.
The accumulated wealth of insight gained over the years makes the elders in our home and life a source of solace, tranquility, and stability. Our parents, grandparents, and other older relatives help us understand the evolution of ideas across time and bring greater depth and perspective to our thoughts.
and kids have almost surrendered on this issue. It has been found that settling abroad is usually one way traffic; you rarely return to attend your moral obligations and this trend is increasing.
On the otherhand the brain drain of youth in search of jobs is also hurting the society of Kashmir.
The voices of sanity on ground state  that if this phenomenon remains unchecked and more youngesters began to abandon their homes, the need for setting up old age homes may become a reality.
All this will also hurt the overall talent pool of the Kashmir valley .
The reality of hour demands we reinforce respect towards elders and move in right direction.