Ramadan Hopes Cover Story 19 April ,2021

Ramadan Hopes Rameez Makhdoomi 
The holy month of Ramadan started on Wednesday, 14 April 2021. However, in Kerala, the festival started 13 April. In this holy month, which is also called Ramzan in India, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. During the fast, they do not drink or eat, and strictly refrain from indulging in any immoral acts.In Jammu and Kashmir too Ramadan started on 14 April, 2021 with lot of hopes especially in the Muslim majority Kashmir valley . People of Kashmir have multiple hopes as Ramadan has ushered . People are hopeful of peace and prosperity in Kashmir . The major hope and prayer on the ground zero is the end of pandemic Coronavirus . As a matter of fact , the pandemic of Coronavirus has killed millions and infected crores worldwide . The economies have been shattered across places . Kashmir too has been at much receiving end of the pandemic. People are hoping that in the blessed month of Ramadan prayers would result in an end to pandemic Coronavirus .
People of Kashmir would also be praying an end to rising crimes and  immoral acts in our society . The recent killings of daughter in laws in Kashmir has exposed growing ugly nature of our society .This practice of fasting across Ramadan helps in detoxifying the soul and brings closer to Allah and thus leads us to doing moral acts is big hope .Everyone of us becomes honest in our conduct and we do more self introspection should be pulse of our prayers during the Ramadan .
 In his latest Ramadan Dairy , eminent writer and Gender Justice activist Mushtaq ul Haq Ahmad Sikander writes :”
Each human has material and spiritual components embedded in their personality. The material aspect relates and operates at Instinctual level reaching its zenith in hedonism, whereas spiritual dimension needs transcendental connection. While everyday we nurture our physical needs without caring much about the spiritual ones, Ramdan makes us to give time to our spiritual needs. 
Fasting deprives our body for sometime the cravings that it demands, helping us strengthen our will power by keeping the instincts in control. We nurture our body for eleven months and most of us eat in an ill mannered way but the one month of fasting helps us to regain control of our eating habits in a balanced manner while supplementing and replenishing our spirituality too. “
One hopes Ramadan 2021 would be a foundation stone for global happiness of humanity and also the valley of Kashmir would emerge from the pain and regain its lost glory.