Public library culture in Kashmir Deserve Importance, cover story 26 February 2024

Public library culture in  Kashmir Deserves importance
News Kashmir Analysis
Public libraries have played an important role in growth of every civilization as instrument of knowledge.  They provide books and other materials for people to read and intellectual growth.
These materials are very informative and lead to self-improvement and develop basic literacy skills. Public Libraries have always seen as an educational resource for all people.
Experts opinion is that
The public library is the local center for providing a wealth of information through learning facilities and materials to support literacy to the general public. Literacy is also achieved by providing literacy programs and activities for different groups and ages.
The dying reading culture in Kashmir is a matter of concern.
Public libraries continue to play a major role in fostering literacy in communities and societies, particularly among those groups of the populations that need special assistance in developing literacy skills, such as preschool and elementary school children.
In a place like Jammu and Kashmir the public libraries have an important role to play and unfortunately after facing a neglect since many years they are getting desired attention,which is good.
Vijay GarG, Renowned educationist and columnist of News Kashmir writes about their role :”
Access to information: Public libraries provide free access to a wide range of educational resources and information, including books, journals, newspapers, and databases. This enables individuals, regardless of their economic background, to gain knowledge and stay informed about the world around them.
2. Promoting literacy and education: Libraries are essential in fostering a culture of reading and promoting literacy. They provide a supportive environment for learning, whether it be through early literacy programs for children, homework help for students, or adult education programs. Access to books and resources encourages reading, enhances vocabulary and language skills, and promotes lifelong learning.
3. Bridging the digital divide: In today’s digital age, many essential services, job applications, and educational resources are accessible online. However, not everyone has access to computers or the internet at home. Public libraries offer free computer and internet access, helping bridge the digital divide and ensuring that all members of society have equal opportunities to access information and technology.”
The hope on ground zero is that public Libraries would be getting their due attention and they will prosper in Jammu and Kashmir.