National Cancer Awareness Day , Editorial 6 November 2023

National Cancer Awareness Day
Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout your body.
Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the world. But survival rates are improving for many types of cancer, thanks to improvements in cancer screening, treatment and prevention.
National Cancer Awareness Day is observed on the 7th of November in India every year since 2014 to create public awareness about early detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer.
On this day, various healthcare organisations , government agencies, and non-profit groups collaborate to organise awareness campaigns, seminars, and screenings to mark National Cancer Awareness Day and work towards reducing the burden of cancer nationwide.
According to the reports by the World Health Organization, Cancer is still a leading contributor to mortality rates in the country. In India, as many as 1.1 million new cancer cases are reported every single year, highlighting the severe burden the disease has on the nation’s healthcare system and population. A large proportion of these cancer cases are detected when the disease has already reached an advanced stage, greatly compromising the prospects of successful treatment and survival.
It is painful facet that We can’t ignore the fact that the financial burden associated with cancer can force patients and households into acute misery, destitution, and even insolvency. Therefore, cancer drugs must be affordable so that whenever required the treatment can be provided to the patients at the earliest in the early stages when the cancer is curable. Cancer drug availability and affordability will give impetus to treatment outcomes that will bring down the cost of treatment.
One hopes we are able to eradicate cancer in India and world.