Women in Skies, Editorial 23 october 2023

Women in Skies

Flying in skies especially aeroplanes is becoming a great career for girls.
Girls in Kashmir like other parts of the country are perfectly catching up to give flight to their wings.  The profession of pilots wherein women managing aircrafts is becoming a lucrative career option for girls in India. Going for same would give Kashmiri girls much needed name ,fame and financial strength .
It is much delight fact that at 15%, India has most number of female pilots in the world.
In 1989, Nivedita Bhasin became the youngest commercial airline captain in the world. The Indian Air Force began recruiting women pilots for helicopters and transport aircraft back in the 1990s.
As per the latest data, 15% of the pilots in the country are women. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), this is three times the global average of 5%. However, there is no special programme to encourage pilot training for women, SC, and ST communities.
The data and statistics are speaking proud volumes in this regard.
total of 244 pilots have been recruited in 2021 as per the data received from various Indian scheduled airlines. And, estimates suggest that India may require 1,000 pilots per annum over the next five years.
Further, the data mentioned that there are approximately 10,000 pilots including 67 foreign nationals working with various domestic airlines in India, DGCA added.
Last year, the International Society of Women Airline Pilots also released gender equality in the airline industry in 2021. The report noted that at 12.4% (in 2021) India ranked top in gender equality at the flight deck, followed by Ireland (9.9%), South Africa (9.8%), Australia (7.5%), Canada (7%), Germany (6.9%), USA (5.5%), UK (4.7%), New Zealand (4.5%), Scandinavia (3.8%), Qatar (2.4%), Japan (1.3%) and Singapore (1%), respectively.
Kashmir too has now girls which are making valley and country proud throughout the world.
Women in Kashmir and other parts of the