Governor Satya Pal Malik Strong assertion


Ever since he has assumed the Charge of State Governor Satyapal Malik is known for doing the hard talk without fear on number of burning issues . Being sharp and clear in his talks and thoughts has earned Governor Satyapal Malik tryst with controversies and praises .

In a latest , Governor Satya Pal Malik  stated that there is no mention at the national-level about “good things” happening in Jammu and Kashmir, governor . He said  this on Wednesday, and asserted that the state is being “demonised at the national-level”.

Addressing a press conference at the winter capital ,Satyapal  Malik said: “The Jammu and Kashmir state has been demonised at the national level. Even a small incident (in the state) is blown out of proportions and not projected as it should be. The state is shown as a bad place

The points articulated by the Governor are in touch with the ground realities as it has been a reality without doubt that good things from Jammu and Kashmir hardly make it to the headlines of national media and it is only the unfortunate killings and bloodshed that is in news often.

While making further strong points , Governor Satyapal Malik stated :  “I have been the governor of Bihar and I was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. I have observed and seen that Jammu and Kashmir is a much better place than these places in a lot of ways. That is why it is our responsibility to spread truth,” he said.

The governor said the urban local body and panchayat elections took place “peacefully and successfully” in Jammu and Kashmir. Certainly Governor Satyapal Malik is striking the right chord.