BJP is voice of Country : Advocate Sheikh Salman, interview 7 August, 2023.

BJP is voice of Country : Advocate Sheikh Salman 

Advocate Sheikh Salman is a talented youth . He has widely shined in the field of sports especially boxing and swimming. He is a dynamic lawyer. On 5 August, 2023 on the eve of 4th anniversary of article 370 abrogation he joined Bhartiya Janta Party ( BJP) in presence of senior leadership.

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir Magazine he talks to Editor in Chief Farzana Mumtaz.

How was your childhood like?

My childhood was quite excellent. I was highly active in sports especially sports like Swimming and boxing.

A bit more on your sporting Journey?

Yes I always took Key interest in Sports like Swimming and  Boxing and brought laurels in the field.

What about your legal journey ?

After my schooling from  Srinagar at Biscoe, I did my law from Kashmir University. I have experience of two years in law.

Your transition from law to politics?

Judiciary and politics are interconnected. 

Well in legal field as lawyer you can at best provide legal aid ,and it is the politics wherein one can do big things for society and make positive changes as you are directly linked with administration. 

Why BJP?

BJP is a voice of country that has made India global super power and charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi has ensured all round development of the country . Whatever Modi ji has promised he has delivered it.

Any reason of choosing 5  August for joining BJP?

5 August is red letter in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.  The article 370 abrogation on this day in year 2019 broke back bone of corruption and nepotism.

The abrogation of article 370 has ensured all round development of Jammu and Kashmir.  It has also broken back of violence , terror and Backwardness.

A bit about your joining programme ?

The joining programme has been quite awesome and memorable . Senior leadership including Honorable State Spokesperson Abhijeet  Jasrotia ,  State General Secretary organization Ashok Kaul Ji and esteemed WAQF Chairman and MOS  Darkhshan Andrabi welcomed me in the party fold with positive vibes .

What are your ambitions as politician now ?

My sole motive is to serve people of Jammu and Kashmir especially poor masses and resolve their basic issues.

I want to be recognized as a human who did something good for the society .

Drug addiction is big problem faced by youth of Jammu and Kashmir.  Your take?

The Government is very tough against drug peddlers and houses of drug suppliers are being seized. Government is taking series of steps to tackle the Menace of drug addiction. 

Any message for youth ?

Youth are powerful force of the society. We need to aware the youth about their rights and duties . I would also like to thank youth of Kashmir as more than 800 youth participated in my joining programme.