zahur Akhoon, a brilliant Youtuber

Zahur Akhoon , a brilliant YouTuber

Mir Sabeen Gulrez

 Zahur Akhoon 23, a brilliant medical student, MLS (Medical laboratory scientist) from the charming village of Baramulla, has become a well-known YouTuber by skillfully fusing his love of medicine with his talent for storytelling. Zahur has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world with his innovative approach to health education, bridging the divide between the medical community and the general public.

Zahur’s adventure started in the classrooms of Baramulla Government Medical College, where he distinguished himself for his outstanding academic achievements and intense curiosity about the world. He became aware of the shortcomings of conventional medical education’s capacity to reach the general public while he was still a student. Zahur made the decision to enter the world of vlogging because he was determined to break through barriers and share his ideas with a larger audience.

The teenage vlogger’s channel, suitably called “MediVlogs,” immediately became well-known thanks to Zahur’s aptitude for conveying complicated medical concepts in a clear and interesting way. He covers a variety of health-related topics in his films, covering everything from elementary first aid procedures to in-depth talks of diseases and their remedies.

In a special interview, with News Kashmir  Magazine, Zahur expressed his appreciation for the help he has received and emphasised the significance of utilising contemporary platforms to close the communication gap between medical experts and the general population. He said, “In order to foster a healthier society, it’s critical to make medical knowledge accessible and interesting. Through MediVlogs, I hope to motivate others to take responsibility for their health and make wise decisions.

Zahur effortlessly connects with his viewers, developing a strong rapport based on trust and trustworthiness. His charm and passion are evident in every video. His information is understandable and applicable to people from all walks of life because to his kind disposition and extensive medical knowledge.

“I am positioned to leave a lasting mark on the medical community and encourage countless aspirant medical professionals to follow in his footsteps by leveraging technology as a tool to alter lives with his passion to promoting health education”, Zahur stated further. 

Journalist Mir Sabeen Gulrez, through Zahur Akhoon-on-Record answered questions like this, 

Sabeen :What made you want to become a Vlogger, despite the fact that you are a medical student?

 Zahur :Just to show my life and skills to ppl and let them know if I can do it you can also

Sabeen:What research do you do when

writing a new video blog script?

Zahur:  I go for viral content always and pick viral content and topics and usually I put thrill in my camping videos so that people  can enjoy as people  love thrilling content 

Sabeen:What one event inspired you to do this ?

 Zahur :- It was my passion actually and I took it seriously when one day one vlogger of kashmir which was very close to me asked for 8k rupees for an ad that hurt me and then  I decided to create my own .

Sabeen:How would you ensure your video blogs connect with your viewers?

Zahur :- Usually the thrill and entertainment I give to them. 

Sabeen: How do you deal with viewers who dislike your content?

Zahur:- I think every one have their own taste I don’t mind at all. I focus on my own things not people’s Opinion. 

Sabeen:Which of your video blogs have the highest number of views, and why? 

Zahur :- My highest no of views on one of my videos are 14Million. 

Sabeen:What is one falsehood you have

said in one of your videos?

Zahur :- In 12 hrs survival Challenge in jungle about the attack  in starting but then I cleared further.