Grim Era of Humanity

By Syed Irfan Hashmi 

Where the noble people are after vulgarity

How will the devils of this nation be?

To destroy a rose garden

Just one owl is enough 

There is an owl on every branch here, 

You can anticipate the consequences.”

What is more important and what life purpose lies in ? 

The people have lost the meaning and purpose of life and have devoted themselves towards an artificial life. Life means to be authentic and real, all the time to spread love and compassion towards others. Life is to explore the beauties and besties protect the natural laws to induce positivity and harmony in the world. Life is dynamic, practical and also not permanent, everyone in this world has to die which is the ultimate truth. People live their lives as they have never to  leave this world. The cruelty is at peak in the world. No body cares about human rights violations. It is the time where human has no value, everyday thousands and thousands innocent are being killed around the globe. This can never be the purpose of life to live like. 

As we see the current global situation which is worst in all circumstances you can see wars and others illegal, legal conflicts causes innocent killing, illegal harassment as live example Afghanistan, Palestine, Seria, Ukraine and many other countries involve in spreading international terrorism across the globe. 

In life ethics is very important and we lack ethics in today’s education system. Practically if we see there is no one institution in the world who is genuinely working on ethical principles, Moral obligations etc. This is one of the important aspect which encourages the morality and humanity into thinking ideologies to live in peace. People have lost their ethical and moral characteristics. The concept of oneness is no where existing in the  world. This is the peak time of inhumanity and injustice going on around the globe. 

A common man everywhere is suffering; lets do individual approach to work on spreading love and compassion to recover peace and prosperity around the globe. It becomes the responsibility of every individual to recognise their responsibilities and follow on them continuously and aware others about the same. Life purpose meets up when you talk humbly and take care of all around you. There are people who worship and assume themselves as patrons of God, the political and Religious leaders such arrogance has to  be shunned and true love promoted.

But in real sense they are owls to destroy the garden. The real meaning lies in service to humanity. 

The biggest problem is people think only about themselves. They don’t care about others. To create a we feeling among the general public is very important issue to save this world before it is too late. We are one and will serve as one will fight as one will grow as one is the actual purpose to save humanity and natural laws. Collectively we can change and can bring a positive impact to build a strong and prosperous Nations. 

Life is a precious gift of God and a beautiful small journey. Live it the fullest and enjoy the beauty and Nature around you. Respect and help everyone in need without expecting anything in return. Begin to spread love and compassion around you. Life is very short no one has to live forever, Do what God allows  you to do and forbid what God denies to do. 

Syed Irfan Hashmi a Freelance Journalist & Socio-Political Activist appeal all Global Leaders, common masses kindly look of the situation around the globe and do the needful to save humanity and morality principles which are daily being murdered without any hindrance. Be the ambassadors of peace spread love and compassion to prevail peace and harmony in the world.

Let’s together build a green and prosperous world all around. Let’s protect our earth. Let’s change our thoughts to change the world with love, peace and harmony.


The Writer is socio-Political Activist