The voice of the downtrodden & marginalized communities in national politics has become weak : Pramod Kureel

Pramod Kureel (Ex MP-Rajya Sabha) is an eminent Bahujan politician , writer of India .He is National Convener  of National Campaign to Save Bahujan Movement (NCSBM) and National Convener  National Bahujan Alliance (NBA).

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, Pramod Kureel talks to Rameez Makhdoomi .




Rameez Makhdoomi : Your Roadmap for 2019 General Elections ?


Pramod Kureel : To mobilize & crystallize various “Bahujan minded” Political, Social organizations from across the country, we have launched “National Bahujan Alliance” (NBA) in August 2017 in New Delhi to give an effective and formidable challenge to two main (Brahminical) alliances viz. the BJP led NDA & the Congress led UPA. Because of the wrong policies and selfish approach of Ms Mayawati (BSP President), the voice of the downtrodden & marginalized communities in national politics has become weak. As a result, there is great deal of frustration and resentment amongst, not just the cadres & supporters of BSP, but also amongst the larger SC/STs, Backward Castes and Religious Minorities who have been subjected to a drastic increase in the number of atrocities against them. The last four & a half years of BJP/RSS rule in the country has really made the situation really frightening for them. As the BJP & Congress are nothing but two sides of the same coin has never been a secret, Kanshi Ram ji formed this party (BSP) around 35 years back with its stated aim of “Social Transformation & Economic Emancipation of the Bahujan Samaj”. But Mayawati’s planned (successive) deviation/dilution/distortion & destruction of the “Bahujan Ideology” in the past one & a half decade has resulted in the big downfall of the BSP. Yet the missionary cadres, supporters, and well wishers of BSP are eagerly looking for an “Ideologically & Politically correct” national alternative.


National Bahujan Alliance (NBA) is a logical and timely step in that direction. We have plans to contest 250 (or more) seats in the coming parliamentary elections across the country. Talks are on with many like-minded political/social organizations in various states.



Rameez Makhdoomi : How far will Bahujan Movement succeed in election?

Pramod Kureel : Success or, for that matter, failure of any political party or Movement (in elections) depends upon many factors. Though, because of Mayawati’s ‘sarvjan’ misadventure in the past one decade has certainly caused a major setback to the Bahujan Movement across India, it can be said that the worst is over now. People have started understanding the nefarious ‘sarvjan’ game plan of Mayawati, supported by brahminical co-conspirators within BSP and even outside of it. With the Mayawati game getting almost fully exposed now, I can visualize new openings for the Bahujan Movement to grow nationally in the coming times. As far as, the answer to your question in the context of 2019 General elections is concerned, I would just say (at this juncture) that I see a “bright light at the end of the dark tunnel”.


Rameez Makhdoomi : Your memories from Rajya Sabha?

Pramod Kureel : It has been quite an interesting (& certainly, educating) experience in the Rajya Sabha, though my tenure was a rather short one (just 20 months or so). Even in such a short tenure, I got a chance to participate in many debates on a number of important issues. My first speech (maiden speech) in Rajya Sabha was on Nalanda University Bill in which I spoke for around 25 minutes. Even my last speech was 45 minutes long on which I touched upon many issues pertaining to the interests of poor, downtrodden people of our country. More than anything else, I was a great learning experience which (I believe) helped me in growing as a person/political activist.

On the flip side also, I learnt as to what are the shortcomings in our democratic/parliamentary system. There are many issues that certainly need to be addressed for our democratic polity to grow & become stronger. But then, yes, we are all in an evolutionary process….!


Rameez Makhdoomi : Reasons to rebel with Mayawati…?

Pramod Kureel : There are many, but none of them are personal in nature. I joined this great (Bahujan) Movement more than 2 decades back even though I had no inclination to join politics as such. Having completed my Masters in Architecture from a prestigious Institution in Delhi, I was more inclined (at that time) to pursue my professional career. But the, A chance meeting (in 1996) with our great leader Kanshi Ram ji changed the course of my life. I entered this Movement (BSP) not as a career option but as a “mission” to do my bit for the society in which I was born (i.e. Dalit Community). Since I have always had a strong inclination as well as a natural flair for writing (in Hindi as well English), I chose to work for the small media wing of the party. During this time, I must have written more that 350-400 Articles/News items etc on various socio-political issues in our party’s journal (Bahujan Sangthak, with Kanshi Ram ji himself as Editor). I even used to travel a lot across the country to cover Kanshi Ram ji’s political rallies and other important programmes. It was really a very satisfying feeling to work for such a great movement under the dynamic and honest leadership of Kanshi Ram ji.

But with Mayawati ascension (It’s a long story as to what, how & why it happened), “Misssion” soon got converted into “Commission” and “Leadership” got changed into “Dealership”. BSP was reduced to just a private limited company with Mayawati and her CLOSE ‘associates’ (especially Pandit Satish Chandra Mishra, besides her own family members) acting as partners in this ‘company’. Besides that, the matter of (suspicious) death of Kanshi Ram ji in 2006 was the final blow to this Movement and the BSP. I have openly said time and again (with ample proofs) that it was Mayawati who KILLED Kanshi Ram ji (in collusion with brahminical forces). Now, totally she is in the grip of the same (brahminical) forces who used her to get rid of Kanshi Ram ji. But then, life has come full circle for Mayawati, undoubtedly. She is in the tight clutches of those brahminical forces who used her, exploiting her greedy & over ambitious mentality. She can’t escape now. The people of Bahujan Samaj, who were earlier trusting her blindly, have finally started seeing the reality and looking for a suitable political alternative (within the Bahujan fold). We are trying to give that alternative.

It would be pertinent to underline here that I am still very much a part of BSP-neither have I been expelled nor have I resigned. We are running this national level campaign “within” the BSP i.e. National Campaign to Save Bahujan Movement and our “slogan” is – Remove Mayawati-Save BSP.


Rameez Makhdoomi : Has Bahujan Movement been hijacked…?

Pramod Kureel : Mayawati, who has been playing in the hands of brahminical forces was trying to do just that i.e. hijack BSP and use it as her personal fiefdom. For some time (& to some extent) she did succeed in ‘hijacking’ the BSP but now her conspiratorial game is out in the open. She stands exposed totally and now, sooner or later, she & her brahminical accomplices shall need to run away. A time is coming when the BSP shall again be in the hands of the honest & committed missionary cadres of Kanshi Ram ji. Mayawati and her “gang of thugs” have no future now. 2019 (elections) would certainly prove to be the proverbial “last nail in the coffin” of Mayawati.

Rameez Makhdoomi : What are your predictions for 2019 general elections..?

Pramod Kureel : A fast sinking BJP is opening up newer avenues of possibilities in the national politics. Congress is trying to come up after its hiatus but still has a long way to go. Even though people are very angry with Modi govt. and its many “misadventures” in the past 5 years, they have yet to forget the numerous black deeds of Congress party’s govt. It’s common refrain amongst the masses at the grassroots that BJP & Congress are nothing but two sides of the same (brahminical) coin. Both have been tested time and again and both stand exposed today. People are seeking a new alternative. Situation is still very fluid so I would desist from giving any definite prediction about 2019 at this juncture.

Rameez Makhdoomi : How strong is Kanshi Ram thought on grassroots…?

Pramod Kureel : Kanshi Ram ji’s thought is not just very strong at the grass roots at this juncture, I would say that it is getting more relevant and acceptable amongst the common people (especially Dalits, OBCs and Muslims) now. The logic behind this is quite simple –BJP today stands discredited; Congress is already a discredited party. Mayawati betrayal with Ambedkarite ideology and “Kanshi Ram Thought” has left a big vacuum in the political scenario at the national level. She is now largely seen by the majority of common Bahujans, not as an “asset’ but a “liability”. If one surfs through the social media, one can clearly see that there is a strong anti-brahminism/anti-BJP/anti-Congress & even anti-Mayawati undercurrent across the country. In my opinion, the ONLY hope people now have is in the revival of the “Kanshi Ram thought” in this country. In my humble view, only this “Kanshi Ram Thought” can emerge as the proverbial “silver lining” in this dark & dingy (political) scenario that envelops India’s socio-political firmament today.  I am very hopeful of its revival; rather I see it coming.

Rameez Makhdoomi : How has social engineering affected struggle of oppressed  like Dalits…?

Pramod Kureel : First of all, let me say it emphatically that there was, in first place, nothing like any so called ‘social engineering’ in reality; it was just a hogwash created by brahminical elements (especially brahminical media) to infiltrate and hijack BSP. A corrupt, pliable, too ambitious and somewhat idiotic Mayawati came handy in this game plan. The success of BSP in 2007 UP Assembly elections was largely on account of anger against earlier SP govt……. AND on account of big sympathy wave towards Kanshi Ram ji who had ‘died’ just 6 months before the elections (8th Oct. 2006). This infiltration of the brahminical elements into BSP has certainly weakened the BSP, damaged its credibility in the eyes of its core support base, especially Dalits. Because of this weakening of BSP, it’s not just Dalits (SC/STs) whose condition has become more precarious but OBCs and Religious Minorities also, especially Muslims for whom BSP had earlier emerged as a big hope.