Jamia Desecrated: Sanctity Soiled



News Kashmir Exclusive


In a dramatic development, a group of youngsters, carrying ISIS flags, forcibly entered the historic Jamia Masjid here and created a ruckus on the eve of Friday prayers on 28 December, 2018. The video of the incident went viral on the social media on Saturday.


This act of them resulted in evoking widespread condemnation from the mosque’s management committee and the profreedom leadership .

The incident occurred after the congregational Friday prayers when most of the people had left the mosque, officials said, adding that the youngsters were later chased away by those present there.

Pertinently, The officials said  Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who delivered the Friday sermon at the mosque, had also left before the incident took place.

“A group of youngsters, wearing masks, forced their entry into the mosque and rushed to the pulpit where the Mirwaiz delivers the sermon. One of them stood atop the pulpit and shouted slogans. They were carrying ISIS flags,” said an official.

On the otherhand , Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq strongly protest the ‘desecration’ of Jamia Masjid by masked youth supporting ISIS. Mirwaiz, who is also the head priest of the grand mosque said that such hooliganism will not be tolerated..

All the voices of sanity are aghast over the act, Sofi Mushtaq, Youth President Awami Action committee, while talking to the News Kashmir  stated : This was totally hooligan act, you go in a vulgar manner in the sacred pulpit of Jamia Mosque is unacceptable . These type of acts deserve utmost condemnation as the violate sanctity of mosque. We hope good sense prevail on these misguided youth and they do not repeat such evil acts in future. Jamia Mosque represents our emotions and is a very sacred place for faithful. All the voices of sanity in unison have condemned this bad act..”

On the otherhand of the spectrum, Asserting that the footprints of global terror outfit ISIS were not large in Kashmir valley, Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbagh Singh, however, said that the fact that a section of the youth were being radicalized on those lines can’t be denied.

The DGP said an illusion is being created by some elements that ISIS has a very large presence in the valley by waving their flags publically, but that is not true.

“But the fact that people are being radicalized on those lines can’t be denied,” he warned.

Without a doubt all the concerned voices are expressing deep anguish over the desecration of Jamia by goon elements.