Prem, Qadir- Exemplary Bond of Friendship

Nazima Parray

I was waiting for you Prem, where have you been. Oh you thought today you will complete your poem without reading it to me. How is that possible Qadir, you have always been my inspiration if I am the first verse of my poetry you are the last one and my poetry is incomplete without you; our life is meaningless without each other. Every day these two friend’s used to spend lots of time this way cracking jokes, sharing every joy and sorrow and moreover Prem’s poetry .The have strange connection with each other and it was only Qadir who could understand every verse of Prem’s poetry. They were sharing this bond from the day when both Qadir and Prem used to cross miles from their homes only to get halwa from the lady who used to distribute that on every Thursday in the shrine of  SHAHI HAMDAN (RA).Qadir and prem met for the first time in the same shrine  when  Prem fell on ground and Qadir helped him to get up. Qadir shared his share of  halwa with prem from  then they were friends and still shared the same care and affection  towards each other. Their friendship had set example for everyone known to them and everyone respected them a lot. Prem Nath was living alone because his only son had settled in abroad after marriage. This separation of Prem from his son Bablu had made him vulnerable but he didn’t want to express it to anyone without Qadir because only he felt what Prem was going through. After his wife death he had grown sad after all she was his only support after Bablu. Qadir was also living with his son but his life was worse than Prem. Both were going through the same pain. Prem has started writing poetry after his wife’s death. He used to go every evening to Qadir home to read out his poetry to him. This had now become part of their life. One day Qadirs daughter in law came and insulted Prem and accused him to keep his father in law busy with  what she called  filthy things. She told Qadir to be of some use to them by helping her in home chorus. Prem left without uttering a word and that night they both wept till dawn. Qadir decided to talk to his son suhail about this but of no use to him. Suhail favored Prem sons for leaving his unproductive father to have better future. He wanted Qadir to be of some help to his wife. From that day Qadir and Prem decided to meet under the shades of chinar tree far from their houses. Because of their old age it was becoming difficult for them to cross such long distance but both used to hold each other hands to reach to their favorite place. Qadir I am not able to complete this poem I tried a lot to write but couldn’t, it’s because I was not with you Prem told Qadir. You know very well you are the first verse and I am the last we will complete it together. Prem further told Qadir that Bablu has left me all alone here knowingly how much I need him at this stage of life. Your Bhabhi also left me alone and my only son didn’t want me to stay with them. Qadir I think your bhabhi wants me to accompany her now time has arrived, Prem don’t talk like this we have still long way to go together ,Qadir told. Prem told Qadir I have one last wish I don’t want my son to fulfill my last ritual I want you to do everything after my death and believe me you have always been a true and sincere friend with this Prem breathed his last in Qadir’s  lap. Qadir was completely broken after Prem’s death. Every day he used to go to the same place where his best friend breathed his last he wanted to complete the poem which Prem left incomplete. One day while sitting there he saw prem coming from ahead, he sat beside Qadir and was smiling at him, you must be missing me said Prem . Prem I want you to complete that poem which you left incomplete he put his head on Prem’s shoulder lets complete it together Qadir had smile on his face and completed the poem.