Acid Attack : Time to Ponder

Huma Rahil

The recent attack on a girl student of law college is an example of ignominy , affront ,immorality and fall which reveals up to what level our society has reached .In this heart rending episode young spinsters face was badly disfigured.   This episode happened in crowd during day time and in an area where possibility of such  incidents  happening  is very rare.

The question here arises is, whether this episode should be interpreted as legal perversity or to be called a result of demolishing moral edification of society .For such kind of episodes who is responsible electronic media which now and then use to display such crimes and sins in an exaggerated manner like in serials, movies etc or lack of moral education which was best sourced by parents ,teachers and guides.

Various religious ,political organisations as well as sagacious people of society expressed their pain on  this grievous act and asked for the severe  retribution to the culprits ,but for the extirpation of social evils no one has raised its effective consideration and deliberation  .Few questions are here to be focused

Ist :  Why any person without criminal background would perpetrate such acts of crime?

2nd  : Why human relations and life is meant so cheap that from any one such perilous mistake can be done?

3rd:   Will stiff laws be successful in forbidding these culpable acts?

4th:  What kind of protective measures will be serviceable in resisting such crimes?

Another question is that by giving punishment to the culprits can affected minor’s figure will be reinstated or restored?

Religious statements, emotions of sympathy ,words of disquietude and speeding up patrolling of police will not be able to stop such kind of crimes .

In Kashmir education is common .New generation is being adorned with  jewel of education .Youth talks much about morality and religion  but when it attains wrong way even evils head down of shame .In past valley had little literate irrespective of little education people were wise ,well mannered, and cordial before civilization they were not dissolute ,debauchee, ferocious and ravenous whole society was enriched with wealth of manners ,virtues ,morality , ethics and kindness, this being the reason why Kashmir was called as Pir  Waer ( land of saints) .Today there is abundance of education but people are lead to astray paths  .Society is at decline in its virtues .Social evils have stepped into life of common people. In one way TV internet dominating and controlling the minds on the other hand male, female illicit relations ,ill thoughts and bad company has become the cause of day to day  criminal acts.

Modest ,moral ,cultured youth has to come forward with new enthusiasm, ebullition, new institutions , new ambition and  from all sides and corners of society it is necessary to remove social immorality ,pollution of wickedness ,impurity of souls minds and hearts ,this is call of times .Youth should have moral education so that it would apply to him or her individually and which would ultimately be fruitful / useful to society and also with others its conduct should be better .He / She should realize the individual as well as collective responsibility

Man must be scared of almighty the supreme this is fountain head of qualities which one can have and is strong resistance to every evil doings and immorality .There are thousands of ways to spare from law and we can gust dust into eyes of police but if epithet of fear of god and abstinence come into being in man ,then even from being away  from  clutches of police or from any one ,a person cannot even courage to think of violating  any law whether man made or law of almighty.