No More Darbar. Cover 5 July , 2021 .

No More Darbar
News Kashmir Exclusive 
The historic 149 year old practise of Darbar move has been ended by the Jammu and Kashmir Government . The practise of Darbar move was unique to the Jammu and Kashmir region and had long heritage.
As a matter of fact,  Darbar move was  the  Dogra imperial tradition in which  huge official paraphernalia is  put on wheels to shift the seat of Jammu and Kashmir government to Srinagar during summers and to Jammu During winters.Yes, it is the Darbar move time in Srinagar. At least Forty one government departments also in the erstwhile State including those under the direct charge of the Chief Minister and forty five departments used to  move  to Srinagar in full and in camp respectively for Summer Season. In winter season the Darbar move moved to Jammu, the winter capital of the state.It is worth mentioning here that the L-G had on June 20 announced that the Jammu and Kashmir administration has completely transitioned to e-office, thereby ending the practice of the biannual ”darbar move”.
“Now both the Jammu and Srinagar secretariats can function normally for 12 months. This will save the government Rs 200 crore per year, which will be used for the welfare of the deprived sections,” he had said.
Now an order issued by Commissioner Secretary, Estates Department, M Raju said sanction had been accorded to the cancellation of allotment of residential accommodation of officers and officials in Srinagar and Jammu.
Employees from Jammu had been allotted residential accommodation in Srinagar and those from Srinagar in Jammu.
The order said the officers and officials would vacate their government-allotted residential accommodation in the twin capital cities within 21 days.
As part of the ”darbar move”, the Raj Bhavan, the civil secretariat – seat of the Jammu and Kashmir government – along with many other offices used to shift between Jammu and Srinagar twice a year.
The practise of Darbar move had historical legacy as it’s supporters state that it used to bring Jammu and Kashmir regions together and increase the flow of people from one region to another while as its critics say it was a white elephant that took a heavy toll on the Economy of the Jammu and Kashmir region.
According to ground facts ,The practice, under which the administration used to function in Jammu during the six months of winter and in Srinagar during the summer, was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1872.People in Kashmir overall seem to be happy over the end of Darbar move practise .