Trifurcation Plans! Divide and Rule ?

News Kashmir Exclusive

Over the past few weeks few media reports are doing round that  the government of India is seriously thinking  to divide the state of Jammu and Kashmir into three parts i.e Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. This demand has been more vocal in Ladakh region and also among some quarters in Jammu region with Kashmir opposing it.

According to these very media reports, PM Modi wants to solve the issue of Kashmir before 2019 general elections and it is also possible that PM Modi may himself in a month or so announce trifurcation of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

As a matter of fact, he demand for separate state has been very high in Ladakh region. All Religious Joint Action Committee (ARJAC) leaders passed a resolution demanding union territory status for Ladakh. In a memorandum to Prime Minister, ARJAC leaders had said, “Ladakh is fundamentally different from Kashmir in all respects — culturally, ethnically and linguistically. Over the years the successive governments of the state have adopted a policy of discrimination and subversion towards the region with the sole objective of stifling its people and marginalizing its historical, religious and cultural identity.” The ARJAC leaders further said, “In modern times, when the whole subcontinent has passed through the process of decolonisation to enjoy the fruits of national Independence, we, the people of Ladakh, and our land still continue to suffer under the old concept of colonial administrative structure, which suited the imperial interests and feudal rulers under the name of the pseudo-state of Jammu & Kashmir.”

The ARJAC memo further stated, “Our humble submission is that we are neither the problem nor part of any problem involving the state. Rather we are the solution. We firmly believe that all of us live only if India lives. Our commitment to patriotism is firm and unequivocal. Our people and soldiers have never hesitated to make supreme sacrifices in the discharge of their duties towards the country. We shall never fail the nation.”

Many a sane voices see the plans to divide Jammu and Kashmir state into three parts as a ploy to divide and rule.

Mir Imran, Human rights defender stated “ Trifurcation of the Jammu and Kashmir into three regions I. e Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmir is news that has been doing rounds since long, but it will not help in anyway settling the political issue of Kashmir as whole state under UN charter is disputed. Trifurcation of the state will lead to such deep communal polarization that communal riots will become order of day. Plus all the sane sections of the state will with full tooth and nail oppose the division of the state into three parts as this goes against the ethos and identity of the state. Divisions won’t carry us anywhere but will add to our problems and create other issues as well. If government of India goes ahead with its idea of dividing the state it would be disaster met with heavy resistance from people of the Jammu and Kashmir state.”