Corruption in Kashmir


 Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Corruption is the hallmark of this land;Because the situation is so  deadly  that it is  impossible to find a pious hand.
Here, no-one is satisfied and wants a high brand;And there are also some  people who  want to have a small house but couldn’t find cheap sand.It has made its presence in every part of our life;And has brought a never-ending strife.Corruption has many causes but the important cause is to have a nice wife;And when the reality is opened before everyone,  the luxury itself looks for a ferocious knife.Chai(tea) is the synonym of this menace;And everyone is running in this false race.A corrupted person tries his best not to leave any trace;And our young generation want to have the topmost position , without having any basic base.Employment is the first target of this evil;Whosoever does it, is a big devil.An employed person is looking for the job of a civil;But for it, they  have to start an upheaval.Hospitals are the next target of this curse;Because the corruption knows that the hospitals should have a common corrupted purse.With this big problem, the  situation is going from bad to worse;And the vehicles, brought by the hospital officials, don’t leave  any space for a horse.Medical entrance is the main victim of this gruesome crime;Because the medical entrants don’t know about the worldly rhyme.They are fed-up  with their giant books and want to spare time;And the non medical entrants also think that it isn’t their duty to be among the prime.Constructional purposes are never taken forward without this mark;Because the contractors , without it, don’t want to embark.It is said that the nations aren’t   cooperating in the SAARC;Because this menace has engulfed all of them , like a difficult arc.Flyovers have  become the main target of this menace  and takes millions of years for its completion;In this sphere, corruption is the starting as well as the ending of the day, without anyone caring for any delegation.
Admissions are a far thought possibility without this magical lamp;Because if the wicket is a full of water, give  a big sum and don’t look at the swamp.In the institutions, where  truth has to act like a lamp;But unfortunately ,our beloved truth has also went for a nap.In this land, reasonable persons have to die every now and then;Because traditionally, it  had the form of a hen.Our beloved students are also taken by this magic and follow the cartoon Ben;And this corruption is present in the developed countries, exposed  by  the CNN.Satya Pal Malik was right in declaring this state as the most corrupted state;Because he knows if he discloses the names of the culprits ,he will have to face hate.This big nuisance never keeps you update;And the corrupt people have a special gait.What are the ways to be treaded upon so that we are out of this menace?Because the intellectuals are rotting in their homes and the idiots are ruling the state and are always found on the terrace.The harsh steps should be taken in order to see this part of the world corruption free;Because the magnificent words uttered by us, have given us nothing but have forced all of us to face a fearful case after a dreadful case.How can we stop social corruption in our Kashmir in the near future?Because if the divine books, don’t change our society in these thousands of years then it shows that the situation is very grim and we are very unique creature/creatures.Social corruption means the that corruption that is found in our society in every nook and corner;And it is the most heinous form of corruption because it acts an obstacle in the smooth functioning of the lives and brings the glittering structure.What is the solution of this form of corruption in the end?Because I think the natives of Kashmir are ready to mend.Social corruption needs everybody’s support and intellectualism;Because if one person is found in the list of corruption, then it should be understood that our supplications are never accepted and we must not be never send.Political corruption is found in those areas where politics is the order of the day;Because we know it fully that politics is a game of building the castles in air and the gullible people become easy targets only to lose their faith and become the puppets and find themselves in the dirtiest tray.Political corruption is found when this politics  took birth on the this land and particularly in our minds at large;And since then ,almost everyone has become its victim in one or other shape only to defeat others and have a say.How can this corruption be erased from our minds?Because the people are not ready to work hard but want some magic wands.Shall we avoid politics or find some other substitute of this glittering evil?Because we can’t afford to become the prey of this necessary evil anymore and have to construct a long-lasting structure on the loose sands.Mental corruption is another corruption that is haunting us everyone in  one or other form;Because it is the most visible cause of every kind of corruption that is  haunting every type of divine norm.It depicts that any living on this earth and is possessing the brain, is the victim of this menace;Because a man is the crown of the humanity but it is acting in the most worst form but is  ready to become a cheap worm.How can a man be mentally corrupted when everything is wide open to understand?I think the man has deliberately closed the doors of understanding and is not totally ready to differentiate between a good and a false sand.Statistics aren’t available in this sphere of life;If available, then we will be ashamed that this world is still going on with such kind of people , living their lives in the so-called the best way, only to be the perpetrators and helpers of the false hand.I want to say my heart because I often become the soft target of this omnipresent evil;And it forces me not to differentiate between the divine and a devil.I am made a scapegoat only to get the material benefit;And when I try to be reasonable, there are doors closed and I forget all about the civil.Can anyone suggest me what is the way out in this regard?Because I am suffocated in this atmosphere and want a remedy for all the problems especially the problems brought by this evil, so that I am found in a long-lasting ward.Shall I simply die due to this chaotic confusion?If not then should be someone who is going to fight against this evil and bring an everlasting happiness for the best card.My part of life is snatched and can no longer remain silent;Because due to this evil, I am forced to become violent.Silence is not the solution of this problem at all;Because the more I remain silent, the more I hate to peg any reasonable tent.Let us pledge to make this valley corruption free;Because the land of saints can’t be enslaved but always free.