Mesmerising Habba Khatoon Peak and spring Gurez 

Mesmerising Habba Khatoon Peak and spring Gurez 

Farzana Mumtaz

Gurez Valley is one of the unique spots of Jammu and Kashmir , full of natural beauty and serene environments  . Located at just 120l5 kilometers from Srinagar  a four hour drive from Srinagar through tough terrain the valley of Gurez is totally Mesmerising. 

At the center of Gurez  the tall mountain is Habba Khatoon peak. 

The peak with all its awe inspiring beauty is also a great tribute to the legendary poet and Ascetic of Kashmir Habba Khatoon. 

 The Peaks talk in their own language to natural lovers and have unbelievable attraction  and filled with natural wealth  .

On the other hand of the spectrum,  The Habba Khatoon spring is among the one of the beautiful springs of Kashmir full of gushing water creating a loud but wonderful noise of unhindered flow of water. It’s water is considered one of the purest waters in the world  . Many opine that the water of this gorgeous spring has medicinal properties in terms of healing .

Simply,  Gurez Valley is full of scenic views and beauty .