Kashmir resents NEET

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National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) to be also implemented in Jammu and Kashmir is not being received well especially by voices in Kashmir, as they feel it is against the overall interests of Kashmir.

Many a voices are openly stating that it is against JK’s special status . “NEET is against the interests of our students and clearly goes against the spirit and essence of J&K’s special status,”  the former Chief Minister Omer Abdullah  had said recently .

Khalid Tufail,an eminent activist States –

“PDP-BJP government are eroding status of Article 370.Nowadays, NEET crises are spreading all over Jammu Kashmir, as JK state is also bought under the ruling recently passed by Supreme Court, which states that only one entrance examination i.e, NEET (National Entrance Cum Eligibility Test) should be held all over India for MBBS, BDS and Post Graduation in medical education which will enable students to get admissions in various colleges of India. By this decision future of many aspiring doctors of our state is at stake. This sudden ruling passed by Supreme Court has destroyed dreams of many students who were eagerly waiting for JKCET. There is a lot of difference between JKCET pattern and NEET pattern. JK state should be exempted from NEET as education in JK is a state subject and JK enjoys a special status in India and presenting a petition by JK government in Supreme Court is only a step to erode Article 370 . From last 10 years , we are given false hopes that 10 medical colleges will be established but none is made till now and irony is that Government of India is now taking control over our medical colleges. One by one Jammu Kashmir state government is losing the control over the educational system of Jammu Kashmir, this is an attempt to convert JK into Palestine. JK government must take their stand to oppose this order. Now we have question to Minister of Higher Education Mr Naeem Akhtar , why is he silent over this issue? This ruling has created a state of confusion in many students as they don’t know what will be the fate of JKCET and what will happen to their future, why Mr Nayeem Akhtar is not clearing his stand on this thing? This time we have to stand for our students and evoke our special status so that we will not regret in future. Act now or never.”



On its part,  government has maintained that it took  an immediate action on National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) decision of the Supreme Court by filing a prompt application against the applicability of the order to the state.

“When the Supreme Court judgment came on April 28, the state government filed immediately, without delay and perhaps in record time, an application that the decision does not extend to the state as in Jammu and Kashmir education is a state subject. We pleaded the BOPEE exams have to be conducted as before in our case,” Minister for Education    Naeem Akthar stated.

For the moment, NEET has generated resentments in Kashmir.