Hard work Rewards : Mannan Bukhari

Mannan Bukhari is an  Author, Human rights defender and   documentary film maker .He recently authored “Kashmir – Scars of Pellet Gun”  on sufferings of pellet victims of Kashmir , which received wide appreciation. Mannan also recently made the 20 minutes long documentaryChildren in Conflict Torn Kashmir’


In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir Magazine , Mannan Bukhari talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I did my schooling from  Angels Garden Kanipora and Public High School Gogjibagh. My high schooling happened  during the years of hard turmoil. I had my post graduate studies from   Kashmir university and Human rights course . I was an active child, student and always inclined to activism.


Tell us a bit about your activism days as you are known for your activism?


I pioneered and lead well known Alama Iqbal Students Movement (AISM) as President and several students federations at Bemina Degree College.


What was motivation behind joining Pro-Freedom politics?


After joining student activism and  as you know it develops revolutionary tastes in you and so joining pro-freedom politics was my  natural  choice.


Who are your favorite authors and your favorite readings?


I do not have any favorite set of readings and authors. I read diverse authors and concepts so my choice of authors and readings is not limited. Although, Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib I have read as first literature and loved that a lot.


How big is the achievement of inclusion of your book titled “Kashmir Scars of pellet Gun”  in UN Human rights library ?


It is really matter of honor that the book has found its place in the library and catalogue of office of the High Commissioner United Nations Human Rights Council. The book has been included in two categories -General and Education.


What motivated you to write your debut book “Kashmir – Scars of Pellet Gun”?


I was always moved by the pain and sufferings of pellet victims and made a documentary on it titled “Shattered dreams”. I than finally thought to give my urge and the sufferers of infamous pellet gun a shape of fully fledged book.


What Challenges you faced while writing your books?


The authorities  tried their best to resorted to dill dally tactics and provide manipulated figures reasons known best to them and I had to contest even RTIs to prove that their data was incorrect which I proved via my ground work.RTI related realms form the core of my book.


How long it took you to pen down this book?


Due to floods I had lost of record of the book which I had not unfortunately digitalized .It took me two years of research and pain taking efforts to finally come up with the book.


Had you ever thought that book will receive such appreciation?


My main concern was to highlight the sufferings and trauma of pellet hit victims, I had never thought it would receive such wide appreciations and reviews. The unique subject and topic also helped.


How far has your family supported your ambitions?


My family has been highly cooperative towards my ambitions and my mother has always been my inspiration as she has always stressed me to read and write.


Your message to young writers and activists?


I think your work and activism especially in the field of human rights demands lot of hard work and being focused on collecting facts.