Corona Martyrs

Cover Story 31 May, 2021 Issue .

Corona Martyrs
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Doctor’s read soo many books just save others life.” – UnknownThe job of doctors is among the holiest in the world . Doctors serve entire humanity without any bias.Doctors save lives, but their importance goes far beyond that. Doctors also make a difference by helping patients minimize pain, recover from a disease faster or learn to live with a disabling injury. A patient’s ability to enjoy life, even if they can’t be cured, makes a huge difference to them and to their families. If they can go back to work after an illness, that benefits their employer, too. And, that’s only part of what makes doctors important to society.In the pandemic of Coronavirus millions have died and crores infected across the world . In India the second wave of Coronavirus has been more brutal and cruel . The scores of doctors have died while serving other patients due to the Coronavirus.In India hundreds of doctors have died due to Covid .
A total of 513 doctors have died while fighting to Covid19 in India during its second wave, among whom three doctors are from the Union Territory of J&K, as per the Indian Medical Association (IMA).IMA said that the highest number of doctors who succumbed to Covid19 second wave in India are from Delhi. It said that 103 doctors from Delhi, followed by 96 in Bihar, lost their lives to the perilous virus.   As per IMA, the actual number of fatalities may be higher as it keeps only the registry of only 3.5 lakh members.It is is pertinent to mention that 748 doctors, as per IMA, have already died in India during the first wave of Covid19.Doctors in India are being overburdened beyond measure by Coronavirus . Even before the pandemic hit India, its health sector was ranked 110 out of 141 countries, behind Bangladesh, Indonesia and Chile, the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2019 found. The South Asian nation’s rural towns and villages, home to nearly 70% of India’s 1.4 billion population, have only a skeletal health infrastructure.
The number of doctors for every 10,000 people in India has fallen to around nine in 2019 from 12 in 1991, according to data on World Health Organization’s website, while the country’s health expenditure was just 3.54% of GDP, lower than countries including China, Iraq , Kenya ,  Egypt and Afghanistan.One hopes great sacrifices rendered by the Doctors would be valued and health sector upgraded .