JKYJA Observes 6th Anniversary

Srinagar, 05 March: Jammu and Kashmir Young Journalists Association
(JKYJA) is observing its 6th anniversary today. It was on this day in
2012 that the working body of young journalists from the state was
constituted. JKYJA is the first association of young working

The idea of forming an association that takes care of the young
journalists in the field came about as a result of difficult situation
that the young scribes face in conflict ridden Kashmir, said the
founding President  Ajaz Ahmad War.

“It is an extremely difficult job for young, unprotected journalists
to work in a conflict zone like Kashmir and their limb and life are at
risk,” said War. “While all the journalists are equally susceptible to
the vagaries of conflict, the younger generation is more prone to be
at the receiving end. So, it was mandatory for us to form a body of
young working journalists, so that their problems and grievances could
be addressed.”

JKYJA Vic President Bilal Furqani said that the formation of such an
organization was the need of the hour and it is meant to take care of
the requirements of young journos and address their problems.

General Secretary of the organization Rameez Makhdoomi said that JKYJA
is doing an exemplary job and raises various issues at different
platforms to address the grievances of young scribes.

At a function held at the head office, Organizer Majid Kapra impressed
upon the members to strengthen the body further, so as to guarantee a
better future for young journos.

Treasurer Bilal Bhat urged the need to make the association more
vibrant by organizing various activities across the state.