Jewellery is my passion: Neetu Bali

Jewellery is my passion: Neetu Bali

Neetu Bali is a human of multiple talents. Neetu Bali is a qualified Lawyer turned Entrepreneur who has been in the warehousing business for the past more than  two decades, and started her own jewellery brand Sunder Gems & Jewels on the concept of design and preservation of nature. In more than decade  of its existence the brand is already working to preserve the Chinar Trees in Kashmir along with the art and exquisite craftsmen in this part of the world. Before becoming a philanthropist at a young age Neetu grew up adoring jewellery, art and design and her destiny led her to building a career in it. She inherited the passion and the loĺppve for jewels from her mother and grandmother whom she has always adored for their grace and elegance.

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, she talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.

Tell us about your journey ?

I had done law ,and after spending sometime in legal world especially after death of father took serious interest in business.  I have found two business avenues namely Sunder enterprises and Sunder Gems and Jewels. It has been a 23 year journey. My buisness is driven by passion not just to earn for myself but give something back to the society. I have taken a keen interest to promote and protect Kashmiri arts and craft through my buisness especially Jewellery which is my passion.

I have been the first women contractor of National fertilisers and CFA with Birla White Cements. Having an experience in the warehousing for two decades is strong forte of my buisness journey. 

What motivates you to work on Chinar leaves?

Chinar tree is the soul of Kashmir. My Jewellery work be it on Gold or Diamond has Chinar at its theme values.

Due to less attention  paid to Chinars and dwindling numbers I am trying to bring back Chinar to focus through my works.

What about your other art works since your focus is holistic?

My focus is on also papier machie, using it for packaging purposes of Jewellery.  I am also involving artisans in my works on Shawls. All this is being done through my venture Sunder Gems and Jewellery. 

About your recent recognitions?

I am the member of FICCI and also given recently award by Central Government as emerging entrepreneur and it was presented by Union Minister Narayan Rane. I have been also bestowed with Chinar e a Ishq epitaph for my love for Chinars.

Reason for you to include holistic range of crafts in your works?

The reason is that Kashmir is known throughout the world for its arts and crafts , especially the aesthetic sense of the artisans of Kashmir is great. We also live in era of digitalization and technology and things like digital prints and looms are threatening our arts and crafts like Shawls and Papier Mache.  So in order to promote arts and crafts I am giving them platform through my art and Jewellery works.

Are you operating both online and offline ?

Yes we have a store of Sunder Gems and Jewellery at Jammu and in online world we have a website. I am soon planning a mega exhibition here in Srinagar to showcase my work. 

You also work with prestigious Birla White , a bit on that?

I am associated with Warehousing related of Birla White with reference to Jammu and Kashmir. I am working with them since many years as CFA.

What are your future plans?

As far as future plans are concerned is to do a series of Exhibitions especially few in Kashmir.

Are you working for women empowerment?

Be it Jewellery sector or handicraft sector the women are the integral part of it . I am involving more women into my projects.  A financially independent women is best for the growth of society. When these artists work with their heart they just need hand holding.

Your Fortes?

My Jewellery or any work is filled with purpose or themes like of saving Dal Lake to Saving Hangul have been my strong points. I love to do a lot for society by my philanthropy works .

Your message?

We are a very beautiful community living in paradise of earth. We as a nation  have great aesthetic sense that is visible in hospitality or art sector . We should stay the warm hearted ever.