Electricity woes, cover story 19 June 2023

Electricity woes 

Electricity is the need of present times. It is paramount for spending a comfortable life for every human.Electricity is an essential part of modern life and important to the every  economy. People use electricity for lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration and for operating appliances, computers, electronics, machinery, and public transportation systems. It is used to run TV and also our mobile, internet depend on it. Every facility of modern life is directly or indirectly dependent on electricity.

The electricity woes or power woes have been always a major issue in Kashmir valley,  although in recent years it has shown marked improvement.

This summer Kashmir is witnessing severe power cuts. The inadequate and unreliable power supply has not only disrupted domestic activities but also caused setbacks for local businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. 

Recently, Stating that no power curtailment schedule has been announced in the Valley, the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) on Saturday said that the electricity is being supplied as per the availability.

While talking to a news agency, 

Chief Engineer, KPDCL, Javed Yousuf Dar said that there has been no circular with regard to the power curtailment in Kashmir. “The KPDCL has not announced any power curtailment,” he said when asked about the reports regarding two-hour power curtailment in morning and evening.

However, he said that the KPDCL has been managing the electricity supply to the people according to the availability.

“The electricity is being made available by JKPCL and we have been maintaining the electricity as per the availability and thus we have to go for the power curtailments because of the power availability issue at present,” he said.

He further said that there was no information about how long the issue will continue as it is the prerogative of JKPCL.

Pertinently, the consumers across Kashmir complained of erratic power cuts across the Valley, saying that there is no power schedule as the electricity is being snatched frequently, forcing them to reel under darkness.

Jammu and Kashmir has recorded a 25 per cent sudden cut in the power supply, a move that has triggered a “temporary power deficit in the UT.”

Consumers across length and breadth of Kashmir are facing dire situations due to lack of power supply in Kashmir,  if this continues the ongoing summer will give many hardships to the masses.

Civil society of Kashmir is also concerned about unusual power cuts in Kashmir.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been observing the continued deteriorating electric power supply to people in general and the industrial and business concerns in particular, with grave concern.

A statement said that the erratic power supply with frequent breakdowns and unscheduled shutdowns is affecting public life in all spheres to an unbearable extent.  “Contact the Chief Engineer he is too evasive to convince the aggrieved consumer about the prevailing irritating power supply system. As a result of frequently interrupted power supply apart from households sufferings; the industrial/business/traders/tourist establishments are incurring inexplicable losses besides mental agony.”

KCI would, therefore, request the administration to give considerate thought to the issue and the problems that it leads to and ensure straightening the system in a manner that the electricity consumers in all the fields of public life get uninterrupted 24×7 power supply which is the legitimate right of the people.

The need of the hour is to ensure unhindered power supply to the masses.